Visiting New Brighton

Visiting New Brighton

Saturday was a ‘sister day’. When me and my sisters and our Children spend a little time together. I have wrote about this before here but all our Children are close in age and the all love playing with each other and I love catching up with my sisters.

Visiting New Brighton

We decided to spend the day at New Brighton. If you follow me on Instagram you will see me and my girls have spent a lot of time here over the last few weeks. This is due to 2 reasons. The first is that my family and a lot of my friends are from Liverpool so New Brighton is somewhere in the middle making it nice and easy to meet. The second and probably the main reason is because my girls love it there. They love scooting along the prom, going for some nice food, playing on the beach the list goes on.

The sun was shining so off we went to meet our family. We started off on the beach but it was freezing cold. My girls are used to being out in all weathers (my husband wont let a bit of bad weather stop us from our adventures) but even Harri was shivering (Meme was fine she is hardcore like her Daddy). So as it was almost lunchtime we decided to go get a little warm and hope the weather improved.

There are quite a few restaurants in New Brighton. However we do tend to go to Pizza Express as it is just really Child friendly and the food is lovely and affordable. The food is nice and the kids are well behaved so afterwards we went on the fair and the arcades. My girls love the fair and always ask to go but very rarely allow them. I don’t want them to associate New Brighton with going the fair.  This time much to their delight we promised them they could choose 3 rides each to go on. Meme did have a little sulk at one point. She is at the age where the smaller rides are a bit too babyish for her but the older rides she is too young for but I assured her she will be going on them soon enough (sooner than I like to think). We had a little play in the arcades. I always remember them being so amazing when I was younger, all the machines and prizes with bright lights and hustle bustle it reminds me so much of the arcades in Butlins that we used to visit as Children.

We ended the day by going back on the beach. The wind had dropped a little making it a bit warmer. The kids played for hours making sandcastles and running around, it is so lovely to see them play together. We used to go the beach a lot when we were younger with our family. Having a BBQ and playing rounders although the weather did seem a lot better back in the 80’s!! It is so important to make these special family memories.

Have you ever been to New Brighton?





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  1. Your photos are lovely! I just love New Brighton and we keep meaning to go but I’m trying to hold off and wait for some warmer weather, there is so much to do there but my boys would properly just stay on the beach all day so it needs to be warm for our sakes 🙂 xx

  2. Beaches and fairs/arcades are definitely a quintessential UK coastal visit. I loved all the rides and you can’t beat the 2p machines! It looks like they had a great time on the beach too, gorgeous photos of them all enjoying themselves (love the girls jackets btw!). Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather again, I love your trips! 🙂 x

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