Things to do at Chester Zoo

Things to do at Chester Zoo

Considering we only live around 20 minutes away from Chester Zoo it’s been quite a while since we last visited. My girls have been asking to go for a few months now and I promised I would take them in the school holidays. When I got the opportunity to go last weekend I jumped at the chance. There are so many things to do at Chester Zoo we are all very excited to visit.

Rain rain go away

Typically it is raining, however that didn’t put us off. It just gave us an excuse to buy some cute animal umbrellas in the gift shop.  If I am being completely honest it is quite a good place to visit in the rain. It doesn’t seem as busy and you actually don’t notice it all that much whilst pottering in and out of animal enclosures!

Now if I can give you one tip it is look at the map, see what animals you really want to see and have a little plan. Chester Zoo is huge, there is so much to do and see. I think it is impossible to see everything in the one day.

Exploring Chester Zoo

We started off with the elephants which are situated just as you enter the zoo so you really can’t miss them. They are  amazing, huge and it seems surreal being so close to them. I can’t help but stare at them in wonder!

We then went to the monkey house requested by Meme (she is a ball of energy, always climbing and swinging off things we actually call her a little monkey!) and the girls loved watching them. This was followed by venturing deeper into the Zoo in search of a play area. My girls love the playgrounds at Chester Zoo and regardless of the rain they still had fun.

I then spotted the sign to see some penguins which I love. You can see them on the top of the rocks. There is also some underwater windows so you can see them swimming which my girls were astounded by, it was pretty amazing. Flamingos caught our eye next and, I have to admit, I think I’m a little obsessed with them!! We also noticed a play sign which asked the question could you hop on one foot like a flamingo. Which of course my girls tried, mostly successful! There was also the new play skipping lane in which my Meme happy obliged. I love these new added signs encouraging little ones to play and interact and am quite intrigued to see what the new play zone has to offer (unfortunately it wasn’t quite open yet during our trip)

Chester Zoo Islands

After seeing some more of our favourite animals I wanted to pop and see the islands before the zoo closed. This area only opened a few years ago and my husband hadn’t seen it yet. It is nice and chilled out there with so much to see. There was also the opportunity to go on a boat ride.  We stumbled upon yet another park, much to my girls delight. Me and my husband had a little cuppa whilst they had a little play. It was the perfect end to the perfect family day.

I have promised my girls a trip back to Chester Zoo to see the new play zone. There are so many thing to do at Chester Zoo you can go back time after time and still discover something new.

What things do you like to do at Chester Zoo?


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10 thoughts on “Things to do at Chester Zoo

  1. You’re so lucky to live so close to Chester Zoo. We’ve only been once, when the kids were much younger, but we enjoy watching it on TV! Glad to see the girls having fun despite the weather. #PointShoot

  2. We LOVE Chester Zoo! We went at the end of last month for the opening of the Play Zone and it was fab!! I hadn’t been for a decade and so much has changed! Lovely photos, it looks like you had a fab day! xx

  3. I don’t tend to go along to zoos with my girls because I’m not keen on them so my husband takes them. I’m really interested in Chester zoo though, the history of it is fascinating and it looks like a wonderful place for children to go and learn about animals. Thanks so much for linking up to #FamilyTravelTips.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity. I’ve always loved the idea of going to Chester Zoo as my brother lives quite close. I would also want to check out the Penguins and Flamingos, they are both favourites for me, though the kids love the big animals. Good advise not to try and cover it all in one day, I believe it is huge and always great to break the day up with a trip to the play area. I’m glad you had a good day inspire of the rain, I must say it was hard to escape it this week!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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