What I’ve been loving in May

What I’ve been loving in May

So another month is almost over. If I am being honest May has had some low points. Alfie has been full of cold and there is not a lot of sleep happening. There have been days that I have just wanted to cry with tiredness. I feel like I have been impatient and grumpy and some days not the best Mummy.

May has also brought sadness and worry, another heartbreaking attack on our country, innocent people being killed. It is hard not be affected by the events in Manchester, the city my husband drives to every day. A city I have visited numerous times, a venue I have watched many of my favourite artists. My heart goes out to all those poor families whose worlds have been changed forever.

Yet for us there have been lots of good days with lots of laughter – I only have to look at my Instagram feed to see how much fun we have had. I love that a picture can hold so many memories and can say so many words. These pictures I have definitely needed to look at this week.

Here are some of our May highlights.

Time out

The start of the month I was definitely struggling. Time (or lack of it) is a constant issue for me, as it is for most parents. I feel like I am always chasing my tail. I was tired, weepy and in desperate need of a break. I love being on maternity leave and being with my children but it is constant, there is no break, no time out. My husband could see I needed a little change of scenery and some time just us. So we booked a night away in the Lake District. It was just what I needed, what we needed. It was perfect.



As usual we have had lots of adventures. A trip to Bodnant Gardens, a rainy day in Chester Zoo a run around in Ness Gardens. The girls even had their annual Dance Show which they loved! It was Harri’s first one and she was the cutest!

New Clothes

We have gone a little shopping crazy this month. I feel like every time I go into a shop I buy the girls a little something. My husband treated me to a new dress from Topshop which I love, he really does have the best taste!

I bought a few little holiday bits from Primark and I have been wearing this new skirt lots already.


Alfie has been rocking some new outfits too.



How beautiful has May been? The sunshine has been so wonderful. Every year when it is warm enough we go into our very overcrowded garage to dig out the paddling pool, and every year we discover a hole in it! I ran out on Thursday morning to our local shop to buy a new one. They only had small ones but honestly it was money well spent as it kept my girls very much entertained!!!

Bank holidays

May is always going to be a special month starting and ending with a bonus family day. I say it all the time but our weekends are just so precious, so a couple of extra days is always welcomed!


I had a little night out with my Sisters, Mama and Auntie. We hit Liverpool for some cocktails and chatter (and also a sneaky little slice of pizza at midnight!). I rarely go out these days so it was nice to get dressed up and spend some child free time with my gals drinking pornstar martinis.


I have said this before but I really need to start this post at the beginning of each month and add to it because as a I sit down to write it on the last few days of May I definitely struggle to remember what has been happening the last few weeks.

So I am setting myself a challenge to start my June roundup early and then add to it each week so it is not rushed and I can remember all the little details and memories and with a family weekend break planned and a little girl’s birthday I think June is going to be a very special month.





8 thoughts on “What I’ve been loving in May

  1. It’s awful when you’re sleep deprived as it affects you in so many ways, I hope you’ll get a lot more sleep soon. I love your skirt and that you’ve had happy times still despite a difficult month lovely.

    Stevie x

    Thanks for linking up to #LikedandLoved

  2. Sleep deprivation is the worst thing ever. I had a really bad 17 months of it and when you are in it you can see no way out. I hope it improves soon for you. I was going through all the new clothes I’ve brought Alice for the summer and wondered how she will actually wear them all now she is at school, oops! x #LikedLoved

  3. Despite the lack of sleep it sounds like you’ve had a great month. A break away with the hubby for a night always helps me when things have been getting a bit too much too x

  4. I love how even though there have been difficult (and sleepless) times, your post is brimming full of all those glittery moments that make everything worthwhile. It’s not always easy to see those moments when you are shattered, but it’s lovely to see you grabbing onto them with both hands. Gorgeous photos, and how lucky are you getting away for an overnight stay. It looks perfect. #DreamTeam xx

  5. Even though May has had it’s fair few hiccups, difficult times and of course those awful sleepless nights, it’s so great to see your post packed full of those glittery moments that you will want to remember. Its easy for things to get clouded or foggy when you are desperate for sleep, but a night away looks like it was the perfect plan. Beautiful photos! #DreamTeam

  6. Sleep deprivation is the worse feeling in the world and used as punishment in some countries! It’s lovely that you got to have a break away in a lovely area and treated yourself to new clothes and a paddling pool. #likedandloved

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