How to make January a little easier.

How to make January a little easier.

Oh January can be such a tough month, can’t it? November and Descember is so full of excitement and magic that January can just seem a little, well, flat.

The weather is so cold and miserable, money is so tight after Christmas and it seems like such a long time before the lighter warmer nights draw in.

So I have put together a few little tips on surviving this pretty gloomy month:

  • Plan a little trip – we always try to have a little weekend away in¬†January. If you are organised you can plan, book and have it all paid months in advance.¬† It always gives us a little something to look forward to and makes the month go a little faster!
  • Be clever with Christmas gifts. My sisters bought my girls some Build-a-Bear gift vouchers for Christmas, it has enables us to have a little afternoon shopping treat without actually spending any money!
  • Make the most of discounted restaurants. So many places offer up to 50% off food during January, Gusto being one of my favourites.Take the opportunity to have some delicious food for half the price
  • Get to the Gym – take note of your new year resolutions and get some exercise. Release those feel good endorphins and beat those January blues.
  • Fill your home with some cheap and cheerful daffodils. Waking up to some fresh flowers always make me smile.

Do you have any January survival tips? How do you get through the month?



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