Warm hats, Pilates and Saturday Adventures #littleloves

Warm hats, Pilates and Saturday Adventures #littleloves

Hello, How has your week been? As usual it’s been busy for us but I’m trying to embrace the chaos a little more and stay calm!

Here is what I have been enjoying this week:


We have been binge watching Stranger things, we have one episode left of season two and I can’t wait to see what happens. I also will be relieved to get my evenings back. There is not a lot of cleaning or blogging getting done at the moment!


I read this really cool blog post ’10 tips for taking self portraits when the camera doesn’t love you’ ( I can’t take credit for finding it the lovely Kerry Villers tweeted about it). I loathe having my picture taken but I am trying to make a little bit of effort to be captured a little more so I have been reading this blog post religiously.


I always struggle with this one, does hearing constant demands from my girls count?


My girls are in desperate need of some new clothes – I have heard that they have some lovely dresses in River Island so as soon as payday comes around I may treat them to a little something.

I have been wearing my new cosy pink hat from H&M (as seen in main picture) – that’s as exciting as it gets for me this week.

Alfie has been wearing his snowsuit from Gap which my Sister picked up for me – it’s so cold at the moment he definitely needs it.


I have finally made the effort to get myself to the gym. I went to a pilates class yesterday and really enjoyed it!!

I have also been making a lot of soups. Alfie loves soup, he isn’t the best eater so I get as much healthy soup down him as much as possible. I have been trying my best to be organised for the week so I am making a whole pan to last him the week.


And Lastly

We are so looking forward to a Saturday together. We are planning to go on a little day adventure together and we can’t wait.

I also have quite a bit of blogging work to catch up on so pretty sure that is how I will be spending my Sunday night ( with a candle burning and a glass wine hopefully)

How has your week been?


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9 thoughts on “Warm hats, Pilates and Saturday Adventures #littleloves

  1. I just read the above comment and I was going to say pretty much the same thing. I really tried with Stranger Things but just didn’t love it! Have a fab weekend.

  2. Love that photo of your boy on the swing. Such a happy picture! It’s been so cold this week hasn’t it? Definitely ready for warmer weather now. I’ve not watched Stranger Things – might give it a try, need something new to watch with my husband xx

  3. Well done on Pilates- I really need to start exercising! I love your cover photo- and especially the pink bobble hat 🙂 #LittleLoves

  4. Love the picture of Alfie! Well done for getting in some exercise. I really need to make more of an effort. Will have to check out that blog post that mentioned sounds interesting.

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