Embracing the Chaos

Embracing the Chaos

The week the bubble burst……all a little dramatic really but last week it was business as usual for us all. Following the Christmas break, me and my husband were back in work, the girls were back in school and little Alfie returned to nursery.

Prior to getting back to reality I promised myself that I would slow down as there are some (most) mornings that I wake up feeling completely anxious about the day ahead and I was determined to stop this feeling.

Me and my husband often question what can we do to make our mornings and life less chaotic and we previously came to the conclusion that we can try to be more organised and try to expect the unexpected.

However, we have 3 young Children, we both work, we have routines and deadlines – life is always (for the foreseeable future anyway) going to busy, crazy in fact. We all know that with Children all it takes is one fall, a temperature, a restless night (sometimes from all three) to completely throw your day into disarray. With Children you can only plan so much.

I have been reading Fearne Cotton’s new book “Calm” and she talks about how we should ’embrace the chaos’. I have therefore been trying to do exactly that and it’s like a revelation, I definitely feel better for it.

I have also been getting more sleep by going to bed earlier. I have always dug my heels in about going to bed early as, by the time the kids are asleep and all your little chores have been done, I want to sit and try and have some sort of an evening, watch some television, chat to my husband. However, earlier nights have made me feel better and less stressed so I need to admit that, for now, this is what must be done.

So, we survived our first week back and it was ok. Of course there were moments when I felt like screaming but I stayed positive, held it together and it was fine. I definitely felt less tired, less stressed and more positive.

So here’s to embracing the chaos.

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15 thoughts on “Embracing the Chaos

  1. I think I need to read that book too! It’s always chaos here despite my best efforts to be organised and it does stress me out a bit. I get where you’re coming from with the early nights too. It always ends up being late by the time I get to sleep because I feel like I need time to wind down. But then I’m exhausted in the mornings. It’s such a difficult balance.

  2. Oh I am so with you I think this is what has made my January so much calmer just realising it will be mad and I will drop balls! I am glad you are feeling ok and getting more sleep – I really need to get to bed earlier. x #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. This is a great ethos and I think I’ve actually lived it without even realising it. Our house isn’t always tidy – there is always stuff going on. But, it’s always clean and it’s always happy and we go on adventures all the time, trying to roll with life rather than swimming against it. I hope you keep feeling the calm – I need to try the early nights myself! x

  4. In many ways I do embrace the chaos and yet other ads I curse it!!!!!! I keep emanating to go to bed earlier, but I am so under the pump right now, and any spare minute during the day I am devoting tony children who are still on school holidays and therefore here I am at 12.11 am when I should be asleep and I am reading blogs and commenting. It is the best time when kids ae in bed to work, yet i know I need sleep. I hope you are ok beautiful xx

  5. Embracing the chaos sounds slightly scary to me! But I’m sure there is something in this. It’s always go for us too, and if I ever find I have a spare moment, I always feel guilty for not doing something. I’ve saved the Fearne Cotton book you mentioned.. it looks like a fab read! Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

  6. I like the sound of this book fo Fern. Thanks for the recommendation. I shall take a look into it too. I absolutely agree about going to bed earlier. I used to go to bed at midnight on the dot every night, but recently was out of it by 10pm, and it made such a difference.

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

  7. Fern’s theory sounds like a good one. I think we could all do with ‘Embracing the Chaos’ more often. I hope it continues to work for you! Thanks for joining in with #FabFridayPost

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