Dealing with Hair Loss

Dealing with Hair Loss


Hair loss came as a surprise. There are many things I didn’t realise would happen to me when I was pregnant.

I didn’t realise that morning sickness would last all day long, I had no idea that, with my ever expanding tummy, I would also experience ever expanding feet, I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t drink a cup of tea and, maybe the biggest shock of all, I couldn’t believe I would experience hair loss.

I had no idea that pregnancy would affect my hair. Being one of the first of all my friends to fall pregnant so it was such unknown territory. Pregnancy left me with bald patches all around my hairline.

It has happened throughout all three of my pregnancies and it actually fell out worse once the baby had arrived. It’s only now that I realise postpartum hair loss is so common and it’s only now, after 12 months since my third baby was born, that my hair has finally started to grow again.

Hair loss – How it made me feel.

I think one of the things that surprised me was how devastated I felt about it all. I was so upset and it really affected me mentally. I felt self conscious and constantly worried that people would notice, I still do now. It’s only hair you may say but it’s my hair, it’s a part of me. Luckily for me it is growing back and, with any luck, before I know it, will be a distant memory. I will start feeling like me again.

Unfortunately, I know a lot of people aren’t as lucky. You do have options though, there are clinics that specialise in hair loss procedures. You can even contact them for a little help and advice and find out what treatments can work best for you.

Since my hair has started to grow back so has my confidence. I hope you can have the same results.

dealing with hair loss



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