Feeling anxious

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

I would describe myself as a positive person, quite laid back and not one to sweat the small stuff. However, lately I feel like I have been struggling with a few things. I have been poorly so I know that has been a factor but I also feel a little anxious about everything. I feel like there is so much whirling around in my head that I don’t know how to deal with it all. Most days I am fine but every so often this feeling of pressure creeps over me.

I find that tiny non-important things build up in my head. An example of this is Meme’s gym shoes no longer fit and she needs a new pair, something as simple at that. Something that can easily be fixed but this somehow has been magnified in my head, I have made it into a massive issue causing me to stress about it. Really – gym shoes!? I know all I need to do is to take Meme the shop and buy some but I seem to struggle with it.

At the moment I have so much to remember – appointments, parents evenings, dance exams, swimming lessons, Dr appointments – the list is never ending. I actually feel like I’m drowning in a sea of school letters and party invitations and I honestly can’t see a way out. It’s overwhelming.

At the moment I just keep thinking ‘if I could just get to the weekend I will get back some control’. I then start the week feeling positive and in control but by Wednesday I am getting tired and feel like I’m chasing my tail.

I know I need to try and get organised, I am sure this will help. To sit and plan and ensure I have a couple of hours to get things done. To try and stop falling into this state of panic and, more importantly, to try and keep everything in perspective.

Do you ever feel simply overwhelmed by life?



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22 thoughts on “Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

  1. I think secretly or not so secretly we all feel like this sometimes. As mum’s we are always running from one job to the next. I think over the years I have learnt to embrace the chaos and accept that I will never ever be organised again! #Sharingthebloglove

  2. I feel exactly the same lately. Well, always in fact! I got myself into such a massive state yesterday over some simple emails I had to send…they were just emails. It took two minutes, but they were yet more things on the never ending list of things to do and it just all adds up sometimes and seems like too much. #Sharingthebloglove

  3. I know I felt like this a lot in the early days of the twins…it is completely normal and try not to put too much pressure on yourself to do it all, it’s still early days as you get used to running around after three kids, you need to give yourself a break too lovely! I know the more things I have to do the more I put it off, I’m terrible at stuff like that! xx

  4. Oh gosh yes, I totally understand. So flipping difficult to get everything done isn’t it? I end up just not doing little things that would take a matter of minutes. It’s rubbish. I agree that getting organised would be so helpful but I don’t even feel like I have the time to do that!

  5. I went through this exact thing and it was after I popped into work on maternity leave just to have lunch with my friends. A few days later something ticked in my head and I started to feel so anxious for weeks and weeks and my HV eventually told me to go see my GP. He was so wonderful, bless him. He really helped with the anxiety. i referred myself to CBT and they taught me lots of practical things to cope with a lot at once. I think I’m waffling on to basically say if you find yourself falling deeper into anxiety then there is help out there xx

  6. I’ve never really felt that overwhelmed. I have rants and moans, but since having N I know that I drop things all the time that I would never have forgotten before. I think as you get older you just don’t worry about the little things anymore. #sharingthebloglove

  7. Oh, I know that feeling so well! I find once it’s all built up to a point, even the smallest thing can seem like such a mountain to climb. I usually find making a list and prioritising the really important things and then ticking them off helps a lot. But you have an awful lot on your plate at the moment – you’re still adjusting to having the three, and Alfie is still so tiny, I think it’s normal to feel like this. I hope things improve for you though, and if you ever need to vent, you know we’re available for a listen! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  8. Yes all the time! The amount of letters, text messages and emails we receive from the school is crazy. I know deal with them the minute they are in the house. I fill in forms and put them straight back in her bag, otherwise I forget and they get lost. This seems to be helping. I also now have a list on my phone so I can keep in check with things. It’s tough and don’t forget Alfie is still tiny and you have a lot on your plate. x #KCACOLS

  9. yes I totally know what you are saying! Trust me you are not alone. I felt so much like this when mine were little, and even now. Sometimes I just wish we had nothing on, but there is always something and I get so overwhelmed. I have to accept that at times I need support as my anxiety can get truly bad if I don’t. I think we want to be in control, to have order in the chaos, but sometimes we just need to stop, breathe and accept that having kids is chaos, that we can’t ever control everything and find the beauty in each day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and know that you are amazing even if at times it doesn’t feel that way. Sending massive HUGS #mg

  10. I can’t remember the last time I had a day where I didn’t feel overwhelmed! And it’s always the small things that get you, because of the way they surprise you. I find that taking a step back and doing some breathing exercises can really help.

  11. I totally understand what its like for you as I’ve been there going through the same thing over and again day after day and then, someone mentioned keeping ten minutes aside every morning to do some deep breathing and then focus on the things only for the day. It was a great way of organising the mind because thats where the clutter seemed to be for me. Do ask for help for things you could delegate and also taking just a few tasks at a time and finishing them off before tackling the rest alos helps. Sending you plenty of positive vibes and hugs. Take heart in the fact that this too shall pass someday. 🙂

  12. we’ve all been there. Its the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back. Usually nothing big, just another added inconvenience that wasn’t expected and pushes us over the edge #mg

  13. Oh yes, I hear you. It’s always something seemingly small that sends it over the edge too. I find using a bullet journal or just doing a brain dump and getting everything out of my head and onto paper helps. It might not get things done any faster but it frees up my brain so I’m not stressing over it quite so much. Hope you find some breathing room soon x

  14. Oh this is so true. I think since the children started school those feelings of being overwhelmed have only worsened, there is always something to remember and Im always panicking that I’ve forgotten something and that’s me who is incredibly organised with diaries collated and all on the kitchen calendar. I wonder if there’s too much pressure on mums to coordinate it all. My head is always spinning. I don’t have the patience for yoga or meditation but do find running with my favourite music helps me when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I think it exhausts me physically rather than the mental fatigue. Take care x

  15. Yes! Frequently and it is the little things. Lists are my only salvation and then prioritising. It always amazes me how quickly I can actually tick things off, it’s just that the thought of them all is too much. When things get really bad you need someone to go through everything with you and tell you that it’s all do-able. Just to give us some perspective, which I know goes out the window when we’re stressed. Alison x #mg

  16. I feel like this all the time! I let really small things get on top of me and then I end up exploding like some crazy lady! I find it helps if I keep all my appointments in diary and on the calendar. I also like to try and make notes for blog ideas and to do lists otherwise that also gets on top of me! Your definitely not alone #KCACOLS

  17. I think we all can feel this way at times. Even retired my life is still full and sometimes I need to take a step back and breathe. This year I started a morning ritual of having a coffee, quite time and 10 mins of yoga to ease into my day. I know it is hard with a family but if you can do this you will feel so much more relaxed to start your day. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

  18. It is easy and understandable to feel overwhelmed when you have little ones. I end up writing all the things I wish to do down and prioritising. Ticking things off gives me a sense of achievement #mg

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