Top Tips for Helping Your Child Choose their A-Levels

Top Tips for Helping Your Child Choose their A-Levels

Time seems to fly, especially when it comes to our children getting older. Before you know it, they’ll be choosing their A Levels, which is both an exciting and daunting time for them. A Levels can have a big impact on what your child continues to do in terms of their education and career going forward, so they might need some guidance from you. If you’re wondering what you can do to help your child choose their A Levels, here are some tips from a private school in Cardiff.

Think About the Short Term

For the next two years, your child will be studying their A Levels. With that said, it’s wise to think about what they’re going to enjoy the most for those two years. If there are any subjects, they studied at GCSE level that they particularly enjoyed, they might want to continue with these subjects going forward. Alternatively, they might be interested in taking up a new subject. 

Think About the Future

If your child knows what they want to do after they have completed their A Levels, this will help with their decision. Perhaps they want to be a doctor one day, in which case they will need to study medicine at university. Have a local at some of the universities that offer this a course and what their entry requirements are. 

Speak to the School

Don’t be afraid to communicate with your child’s teachers for some additional advice if you’re feeling overwhelmed. There should also be some open events you can attend with your child in which you can listen to talks about the various subjects on offer and ask questions if you have any.

Things to Avoid

Let your child know that choosing a subject just because their friends are studying it or because they like the teacher is a bad idea, because it won’t necessarily lead to success. It’s far better to pick subjects that they are both good at and enjoy, and lead to the desired career route. 

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