5 Reasons Leeds is the Place to Be

5 Reasons Leeds is the Place to Be

If you’re looking to start afresh, Leeds might not be the first place that springs to mind – despite the enormous benefits of life in this West Yorkshire city, most people planning a move up north tend to think of cities such as Manchester and Newcastle.

However, Leeds’ reputation is growing, and it won’t be long before its fame outstrips location giants.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start your new life, then here are five reasons you should put this Yorkshire favourite on the top of your list. 

Close to the Countryside 

A visit to the stunning Yorkshire countryside is just half an hour away from the city. 

And with so much of it for you to see, it’s understandable that a newcomer might want some suggestions on where to start. That’s why the National Trust have assembled a handy guide full of things to do with your free time.

Having the dazzling dales on your doorstep means that you can spend your weekends breathing in that fresh country air.

Vibrant City Life

The countryside is great, but the convenience that comes with city life is hard to beat – luckily Leeds gives you both!

The second most populated city in the UK with a population of almost 800,000 in the district, it’s had a meteoric rise in popularity. 

The vibrancy of this city makes it not only a popular tourist destination, but a great choice for those looking to relocate.

Booming Businesses

Of course, Leeds isn’t just great for tourists. 

In fact, it’s increasingly popular for businesses after a variety of skilled employees, and of course, skilled employees after a new career.

And many companies have chosen to make a name for themselves in Leeds, from expert digital marketing agency, Maratopia Digital Marketing to haircare professionals GHD.

With so much business, Leeds has become a thriving metropolis that is perfect for anyone looking to start over somewhere new. 

Even if you move to Leeds, you may not want to spend every waking moment there. Whether you want a weekend away, or need to commute for business, Leeds has a fantastic transport links.

By train, you’ll have easy access a range of locations from London to Liverpool, Manchester to Edinburgh. 

The location of Leeds makes it the ideal location for many businesses wanting to access clients, and residents who need to travel to visit family.

Great Education

Leeds prides itself on its education, boasting three excellent universities. 

The city has been rated one of the best for students, and while this not seem like a positive for everyone, better education means that if you run a business, you’ll have access to a wide range of skilled graduates who have fallen so in love with the city they plan to stick around.

And of course, if you’re a parent, the draw of these universities means that if your little ones choose higher education, they’re more likely to stick a little closer to home?

Do you live in Leeds? Share your favourite thing about the city in the comments below!

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