Trolls, Sunshine and Milestones #littleloves

Trolls, Sunshine and Milestones #littleloves

It’s been a bit of a strange week for me. I was poorly at the weekend and still don’t feel 100% myself yet. My little man had his needles on Tuesday which I absolutely hated although I know its necessary, and there has been other sad moments in the week. But sitting here thinking back on the week we have had lots of good bits too. That’s the thing with having little ones there is always reasons to smile isn’t there? Here are my #littleloves


We watched ‘The Girl on the Train’ this week but I’m not sure what to think of it. I absolutely loved the book and I didn’t mind the film but I guess I was expecting more!?! I don’t know really. Have you seen it?

A little late to the party but my girls watched ‘Trolls’ and loved it. We have watched it about 5 times already!!


After being unwell last week I ended up having a little Instagram break for a few days and it was really lovely, So instead of spending my evenings on social media I decided to get back to what I love and read a book. I bought The Breakdown by B A Paris and whilst maybe with my current mood I should of chosen something a little lighter – I am actually enjoying it.


‘Mummy, Mummy’ – Meme’s first tooth had fell out. There was a lot of celebration in our house Tuesday night, but that milestone kind of deserves a blog post of its own!


I have managed to potter out without a coat in this glorious weather – hasn’t it been lovely? So nice to feel some warm sunshine on my skin. And although heavy rain has been forecast for the weekend that taste of summer that we have had this week has been much needed!!


A lot of lists!! I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately so on Tuesday I spent the day writing lists and getting things done. I have booked in swimming lessons, ballet exams, eye test (me!) amongst other things and it feels good to be able to tick a few things off.

And Lastly

My husband has booked a little spontaneous weekend away for us all at the end of the month and I couldn’t be happier. A little adventure is just what we need!

Have a lovely weekend.

6 thoughts on “Trolls, Sunshine and Milestones #littleloves

  1. Which reminds me…I need to book an eye test! I’m off to read your post about feeling overwhelmed. I get that a lot but now recognise the signs and usually manage to nip it in the bud before it consumes me. Life really is all-consuming with 3 children and that never really changes. Finding a way to deal with that now is a good thing and lists are essential! I didn’t really enjoy Girl on the Train either – not the film anyway – loved the book! xx

  2. I quite enjoyed Girl on the Train, although the fact it was set in a different country to the book kind of stumped me at first so it took a while to get into it as it almost sounded grittier in the book. My little one is desperate for his first tooth to fall out, he’s 5 so I’m assuming it won’t be too long now – I can’t remember when the teens came out it seems like that long ago! I feel overwhelmed with a 5 and a 15 year old, I couldn’t even imagine juggling 3 young kids, my sister does it and frequently tells me how knackered she is. I’d love another one but I’m not sure if I could cope! Lovely your hubby has booked a weekend away, bet you can’t wait! Have a great week x

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