A milestone for Meme.

A milestone for Meme.

There are milestones that you expect, the ones that you work towards – the first time they smile, their first steps, their first words. Then, as they get older, there are more milestones that you tick off the list. Their first day at primary school, their first nativity play. All big special moments in their life that shows that time is passing and that your baby is growing up.

This week Meme had another milestone – she lost her first tooth. A huge milestone that, until we had our six monthly check up in the Dentist last Summer where he informed me that she would start losing her baby teeth, I hadn’t even thought about.

A few days before Christmas 2016 we were in our favourite cafe where Meme was eating cake when she suddenly started crying. Her tooth had become loose and I think she was a little shocked. Once we had assured her that it was fine and reminded her that the dentist had said she would start loosing her baby teeth soon, her fear turned to excitement. Fast forward a couple of months later and her tooth still hadn’t fell out. I was actually getting a little worried as the tooth behind the loose one had already starting coming though so the dentist encouraged Meme to keep wobbling it otherwise he would have to take it out.

Then, last Tuesday, the girls were in bed with me downstairs waiting for my husband to come home from work. The next minute I heard a lot of shouting. I went up to see what was going on and Meme and Harri were jumping up and down holding Meme’s tooth that had fallen out. Oh we were so excited – we got out the camera to take some pictures, we phoned Nana to tell her and waited for Daddy to come home to tell him. It makes me smile thinking about the night as we were all so happy – a memory I hope we will all remember.

Such a huge milestone and another  reminder that my eldest baby is growing up (which makes me want to cry just a little). Of course, that night we also had a special visit from a very special fairy.

17 thoughts on “A milestone for Meme.

  1. How adorable is this! I ended up having most of my baby teeth taken out by the dentist as mine just wouldn’t come free, she really looks so proud of herself here #TheOrdinaryMoments

  2. Bless her for being so worried. I am glad she is excited about it now though – its such a cool thing for them to start losing teeth (despite being a little gross) haha what a big girl you have now x #ordinarymoments

  3. Aww she looks rather pleased with her gap 🙂 Amy is desperate to lose a tooth and get a visit from the tooth fairy. I know she’ll be a bit nervous once it actually starts wobbling, though 😀 #livingarrows

  4. Aww so exciting! It’s funny how you dont think about those milestones later on. My little girl is only one and we have spent the last year concentrating on rolling, standing, waking etc. Can’t wait for the later ones where they can enjoy the excitement too! #pointshoot

  5. What a gorgeous photo, and what a big milestone! My son is nearly 6 and still no wobbly teeth yet, but lots of the children in his class are sporting lovely gaps. I’m not sure I’m ready for it yet, it does feel like a really big marker of them getting older! x #LivingArrows

  6. What a milestone! I had forgotten about these later ones. BattleKid has not long got his last ones and before we know it he will be losing them. #livingarrows

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