How to be more organised by an unorganised Mummy of 3.

How to be more organised by an unorganised Mummy of 3.

How to be more organised is a question I am always asking myself. I am so unorganised and also very messy. I’m not sure if I am unorganised due to the mess or messy due to being unorganised – but when you’re a Mummy to three little ones neither one is good.

With school runs, lack of sleep due to a newborn and husband starting a new job, I was definitely starting to feel overwhelmed. I need to get organised!!  Here is what I am doing to be more organised:

Getting clothes ready the night before.

This sounds simple and I have kind of done it for a while but always seem to fall at the final hurdle. I would get uniforms all washed and ironed ready for the day ahead but forget about tights/socks and most importantly shoes!! Shoes are the main morning argument in our house. Nobody, including me, can ever find their shoes in the morning. Believe it or not we actually have a shoe cupboard which unfortunately is like a black hole. Lesson learned, I need to have their shoes out ready the night before!

Sandwiches made the night before.

I always like to do them in morning but there is honestly no time! I also make sure that packed lunch boxes are out on the table with biscuits and fruit already in them so all I need to add is a yogurt and sandwich from the fridge.

Nappy bag packed

Ensure that baby powder is in the compartment, nappies and wipes are packed. Sometimes we come home after the school run but I always grab it with me just in case.

Use the slow cooker

Oh my I have no idea how I coped without my slow cooker. If I am going out straight after dropping Meme off from school then I prep the night before so all i have to do is literally thow it in the pot. With a husband who doesn’t finish work until 8pm this has been a godsend.

2pm alarm

Yes I have an alarm on my phone set for 2pm. The days go so fast and with a baby there is no rushing out to do the school run. When my alarm goes I know it is time to start getting the baby changed and fed before going to pick up the girls.

Write lists

I need to empty my head onto a piece of paper every couple of days before it explodes! When I write it I also try to tick a few items on there. I feel that this definitely helps spur me on to get things done.

Doing these few things definitely make things easier. It is still hard and towards the end of the week I get so tired in the evenings that I really can’t be bothered prepping for the next day. However, I know if I don’t prep, life will be much more chaotic and I often feel like I’m chasing my tail.

What do you do to make your life a little easier? Have you got any tips on how to be more organised?


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  1. Haha I have a daily alarm on my phone set for 2.30pm just so I don’t forget to do the school run! I used to be so unorganised I’d cry by every single Friday. Packing everyone’s bags the night before definitely helps xx

  2. I also set an alarm for school pick up! I’m terrified one day I might just actually drop off to sleep and they will be waiting for me at the school gate. Poor babies. I’m also disorganised although after 6 years of mummying I am improving. lol

  3. See I know that I should be doing these things with four children and yet you can guarantee that I won’t do any of them and will be running around like a maniac cursing myself for not being organised enough! I do write lists, but I just never seem to get round to doing any of the things on them!! #TheListLinky

  4. These are all fab tips, I think you have got it covered. I am a great believer in getting everything the night before, I even lay out my clothes if I’m working the next day too. #thelistlinky

  5. We do it all the night before as well – bags packed, checking bus passes are in the right pocket, putting clothes out etc. It makes it all a little less stressful! (I’d tell you it gets better as they get older and can do it themselves but unless you get the organised child in a million, it won’t!)

  6. Whew you do have a lot on your plate. I believe in preparing the night before too right up to filling the kids’ water bottles and keeping everything ready. Once my kids were older I made out lists for them to follow so they could get ready on their own and not miss anything.

    Obsessivemom from #mg

  7. I agree the slow cooker is great, I haven’t used it lately but need to get back to that. And yes shoes and socks seem to be swallowed up don’t they! We have a basket near the entrance that houses just school shoes and it mostly works. The more prepared we are the night before the better as I am not and never have been a morning person. Thanks for linking up lovely #mg

  8. I use alarms on my phone for all the school/nursery/playgroup drop offs and pick ups, plus for the out of school activities and work! Without my alarms I’d never be on time or even realise what the time is! #thelistlinky

  9. I put the clothes out for both the girls the night before which really helps, but what I need to do is start doing it for me too. I can never find anything to wear!! I really really really need to start using my slow cooker, I know it will really help me. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  10. I am a master organiser I had to be when the boys were young because hubby worked away and I was alone most of the time. I am the opposite now I find it hard to let go ? I hope these measures work for you I know organising the night before makes a huge difference to our morning rush. Good luck! #MG

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