Happy List #19

Happy List #19

I haven’t done a happy list for absolute ages but I felt after this week we definitely need to remember the positives and as ever its been another busy week for us with plenty to smile about.

  • I attended both my girls parents evenings this week and it was no surprise that they both got glowing reports. I honestly couldn’t be prouder.
  • Last weekend was a good one! It was a bit of a lazy one for us, no big adventure we just stayed close to home but it was nice to have some time together as a family. Also due to my resolution to get organised the weekend was quite productive with booking a ballet exam for Meme, organising swimming lessons for the girls and printing some thank you cards.
  • My Meme took her Rainbows promise this week. She has been going to Rainbows for about 9 months now and really enjoys it. Me and my husband all got to go and watch her and the girl done good.
  • We took the stabilisers off Harri’s bike on Sunday much to her horror!! She done really well though and whilst she needs a little more practice and a bit more confidence it wont be long until she is racing her big sister oh her bike.
  • We have an adventure to look forward to! My lovely husband surprised us by booking a little trip to Devon for us all in the Easter holidays and I cant wait!!
  • It sunny!! I am sitting writing this on Friday morning with the sunshine streaming though the windows. Sunshine makes me feel so much brighter. I have a couple of hours with Alfie on a Friday morning and if he sleeps I am usually like a mad woman running around cleaning, washing etc but today I am sitting and writing and enjoying some me time. It feels really nice.

I hope you have had a nice week and are all safe and well and happy.


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