Towie, Crafts & Twinning #littleloves

Towie, Crafts & Twinning #littleloves

Another week and some more #littleloves and what a beautiful weeks it’s been – do we think that maybe Spring has arrived? I know I shouldn’t get too excited but I do love feeling a bit of sunshine.


I watched Pretty Woman last night and I loved it – definitely one of my favourite films.

TOWIE is back – yes my guilty secret but I love it! No judgement.

I also have watched a few tutorials about Pinterest, I am still trying to get my head around it and Im finding it much easier to watch people explain it rather than reading articles on it – it is definitely a work in progress at the moment.


A menu! Yes me and husband managed to get out on Saturday for a little date night and it was just lovely. We had some nice food, nice drinks and nice company. It was so nice relaxing with each other and actually being able to chat – even if we did chat mostly about the kids!


I always struggle with this one – I am in such a bubble at the moment I don’t hear a lot apart from the sound of my little crew. Alfie is starting to make a noise (apart from crying I mean!) he has been smiling lots and you also get a little chuckle from him at times – it’s the sweetest sound.

I have also heard a poorly Meme – she had such a high temperature on Sunday that she had to take the day off school on Monday, bless. All better now thankfully.


I finally wore my dungarees and I loved them even if I did look a little like a painter! In fact Harri and Alfie wore theirs too.

H&M Dungarees


Oh we have been busy making crafts from our Mila and Pheebs activity box – it’s fab we love it.

Mila and Pheebs Activity box

I also made Leek and Mackerel pasta bake in the slow cooker and it was delicious!

And Lastly

I am having a night out with my best friend tomorrow night, I know 2 weekends on the run! I cant wait. the last 18 months one of us has been pregnant so we haven’t had a cocktail together for quite some while. Although neither of us is getting that much sleep so we will probably be ready for bed after one!

How has your week been?

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  1. Ooh loving the dungarees! I keep meaning to buy a pair, you’ve inspired me, I need to get on with it! Glad Meme is feeling better now, have a great night out.

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