Valentines Day – love or loathe?

Valentines Day – love or loathe?

It is almost February and, to me, that means one thing – Valentines day!

You either love or you hate it. I appreciate it is another commercial day to make us spend money. I also agree with many who say that we should appreciate our loved ones all year around not just on valentines day. However, I am all for having another excuse to light some candles and have a special meal with my husband. To tell him I love him. To share my girls excitement when we are decorating our home with heart shaped decorations.

Rattan Direct recently conducted a survey on ‘What do women want on Valentines day?’ to see how us ladies like to spend the day. Here are my thoughts:

  • If I could choose how I would like to spend my valentines day (and I had a babysitter!). It would be to go to a nice restaurant with my husband (obviously!). I am not too bothered about receiving gifts but I do love a bunch of flowers, nothing too expensive just a little something to show he has thought about me.
  • There are no rules on who should plan or pay for Valentines day. I have never forgotten about Valentines day because, seriously, as soon as Christmas is over the shops are full of hearts and gifts ready for February. There is no getting away from it!
  • If we celebrate at home we usually spend it having a romantic meal in our kitchen/dining area with candles and music.

So what about you? Are you a lover or a hater?

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7 thoughts on “Valentines Day – love or loathe?

  1. We tend to make the effort to go out either just before or just after Valentine’s day as it’s quite inflated price wise so we prefer to do something on a different day. One year my husband accidentally bought me a birthday card for Valentine’s day. It’s not a date I particularly look forward to!

  2. We don’t go out on Valentines day, as it is always set menus and tables of two packed in. So much so that you feel like you are double dating the strangers sat next to you. If we are going to go out, we will choose a night near it or we will do something at home. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

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