Everyday Happiness, Dressing Up and Little Mix #littleloves

Everyday Happiness, Dressing Up and Little Mix #littleloves

I haven’t joined in with #littleloves for such a long time. I wrote a little post yesterday about losing my blogging mojo and I thought maybe #littleloves might give me a little inspiration.


We always watch a family film on a Sunday night it is the perfect way to end the weekend. I usually end up pottering around cleaning or ironing uniforms but this week I sat down and we all watched Pete’s Dragon together – it was brilliant!! I was definitely recommend it!


I don’t have much time to read since the arrival of Alfie 3 weeks ago, but my husband bought me a book called ‘Everyday Happiness’ and it has a happiness quote for every day of the year. The idea is to read one every day. I am really enjoying it. There is nothing like a good quote to perk me up.


We had a family christening this weekend and whilst I couldn’t really be bothered as I was so tired it was actually nice to get dressed up a little and of course show of my lovely family to everyone. I wore a new shirt from Topshop which was perfect in covering up my still swollen tummy (Harri keeps asking when the other baby is coming out!) and some jeans (not sure if jeans are acceptable to christenings  but I figured that they were new so it would be fine.)


I really need to sort out my wardrobe and see what fits me but I’m far too hormonal for that just yet!


Little Mix – my Meme has finally grown out of the Disney Princess music and we have a Little Mix CD in the car which we love. Unfortunately Harri still wants the Disney Princesses on so we have to take turns but it is a welcome change!

I have also heard a very unsettled baby usually in the middle of the night! You do forget how tough these early days are but he is just so gorgeous and totally worth it. I honestly cant stop looking for him.


Well we have made a little progress with the girls bedroom. Their new bunk beds arrived this week and they are delighted!!! I remember having bunk beds when I was younger and I loved them, however I do feel a little nervous as Meme is a little bit of a climber and I have all kinds of visions of her jumping of the top bunk eek!

So that’s been our week – I actually really enjoyed writing this post. We have got a lovely trip to Centre Parcs planned this week which although will be hectic with a newborn I think a change of scenery will do us some good!

How has your week been?



7 thoughts on “Everyday Happiness, Dressing Up and Little Mix #littleloves

  1. Aww we love Petes dragon too, I want an Elliot to go fly with. You are looking fantastic, and I hope you are all settling in to a bigger family. Enjoy centre parks it sounds lovely, fresh air and woodland walks is perfect for the weather right now. X #littleloves

  2. You’re allowed to lose your blogging mojo when you have a three week old. Sounds like you are settling in to having a third baby well. The baby days (& nights!) Are tough but like you say worth it. Enjoy centre parks.

  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself, the early days with a newborn usually go by in a blur but you’re out and about with jeans (I didn’t wear those for months!) on and at a Christening of all things. I think blogging can probably wait! I love the sound of your quotes book though – perfect when you’ve not got much time but want to read something uplifting. I too love Little Mix but I remember those days when one wanted to listen to one thing and the other something else- utterly exhausting! xx

  4. Glad to see you back on #littleloves. I can always guarantee it’s the one thing that I try to write every week, even when I do lose my blogging mojo, which happens A LOT! You look brilliant seeing as you’ve just had a baby – what ‘other baby’, you looks fab! I still haven’t seen Pete’s Dragon, I loved the original when I was younger, my teen thought the animation was horrendous when I showed her though. Hope you have a great week x

  5. Ahh I hope you get some good sleep soon. Iran so hard when you hit that wall and just feel so sleepy all the time but you will come through it. I love your shirt though. I’m off to Topshop online now to have a look 😊

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