Homeschooling Week 7

Homeschooling Week 7

Our homeschooling week 7 was mostly about celebrating VE Day. It is funny because we have never celebrated it before and I am not sure if it is because we are on lockdown and need something to celebrate or because it is the 75 year anniversary. Either way we have had lots of fun.

We spent some time together talking about VE Day and what it meant. The girls both done some comprehension work around it. We printed out some flags to colour in to make our home ready for a little VE Day celebration.

Homeschooling week 7 VE Day Crafts

We have also been doing a lot of work around money so I spent some time with Harri going over currency and checking that she could remember what she had learned in previous weeks.

homeschooling week 7

Alfie is still working on writing his name and he is making so much progress.

homeschooling week 7

Maps International sent us this beautiful map so we have been trying to colour a little bit of it in every day. It is a lovely learning aid which we have used to discuss different countries, talking about where we have travelled and what country that we would like to visit. Such a great way to learn about our beautiful world. (I am currently running a competition on Instagram to win one of these)

homeschooling week 7

The weather has been glorious and we have had lots of outside play. We do have moments of boredom and frustrations. The girls miss their friends and as we enter our 8th week of lockdown we struggle with doing the same things every day. It is such a strange time for everyone.

Plans for Homeschooling Week 8

We are going to start our week making cakes. Monday always tends to be a fun day and we all have lots of enthusiasm. The weather doesn’t seem to look as good this week so I am thinking we will need a few more indoor play ideas.

I want the girls to finish our work on VE Day by writing about how we celebrated it at home. We do a lot of writing and Harriet is getting so much better remembering capital letters and punctuation. It is lovely to see both their little imaginations shine through with work like this.

Meme is working her way through some maths work that school has sent her. Harriet will be continuing with learning her times tables. I tend to do this with a few fun multiplication work sheets. We don’t do a lot and she gets through them so fast. Maths is her strongest subject so I generally concentrate on other subjects like her reading.

Now life is so busy we are conscious that the girls never get much time alone with me or my husband. For the past few weeks we have been spending our Wednesdays having some one on one time with the girls, alternating each week. This week I will be spending some time with Meme. We are reading The Ballet Shoes together which is one of my all time favourite books. It is lovely being with them and one of the silver linings that has come out of the school closures. 

How was your homeschooling week 7?



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