Some one on one time

Some one on one time

I actually took this headline picture a while back, it was the summer half term and me and Meme were having some one on one time. I’m sure all parents of more than one child can agree that it is hard work finding the time to have some one on one time with each child. Meme had me all to herself until she was almost 3 when Harri was born, now our just us time together is rare.

I usually work on a Wednesday and Harri goes to nursery but during the half term I took this day off.  I felt a little mean sending Harri to nursery, especially as she doesn’t seem to like it that much, but I knew Meme needed some Mummy time. I was also aware that Harri was finishing nursery for the summer so this was our last chance to spend some quality time together.

We had such a lovely day, we started it off by getting Meme’s hair cut (she was not happy about this but it was very necessary!) then she wanted to go to our local potting shed to paint a pot which she loved – we were there for ages making sure if was just perfect. We ended the day on Hoylake beach just having a play in the sunshine, this is where I took this picture. She is so beautiful and has come on so much this year. I still look at her in amazement at times, struggling to believe that she is actually mine.

The day made me realise more than ever now that I am pregnant with my third child that I need to ensure that I am making time for my girls, that both of them get to have a little bit of time with their Mummy, one on one. Do you manage achieve this with your children?

12 thoughts on “Some one on one time

  1. Ah what a lovely picture! I only have one child but can totally understand the magic of one on one time when you have two or three it must be so precious! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

  2. It’s so hard sometimes isn’t it, with more than one, finding some quality time with each one. When my daughter and I go out together now (she’s 4) on our own, I completely love it.We have so much fun just chatting about silly stuff and I can totally focus on her. Congrats on number 3! #stayclassymama

    1. I know it is hard and sometimes I think I have to do something amazing but I think even just going the park together or walking the shop together would be enough. Just some time were I can concentrate completely on her. Thanks for your comment lovely x

  3. I know what you mean about finding one on one time with the little ones. Hubby has taken the eldest on day trips before so I’ve had me time or time with our youngest. #MyCapturedMoment

  4. What an absolutely beautiful shot!! So natural and happy. I know what you mean about one on one time. I have a decent amount with my baby and middle child but some alone time with my oldest is rare. I really want to make this a priority when baby Iris is a little older. Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

  5. I still often feel this way. Aspen was almost 3 when April was born and I felt guilty not giving Aspen the same time she had always had. Then another 2 and a half years later Adam was born and finding one on one time became trickier. Even now they are a little older i do struggle to make the one on one time they deserve, but it balances out because having siblings is such a blessing. They adore each other, and although Aspen says she wishes sometimes it was just her again I know how lost she would be without her siblings. They play so well together and are always laughing, like right now I am upstairs typing this and I can hear them laughing downstairs and I love it! As a parent we always feel a little guilty, but we do what we can and as long as they are surrounded by love they will be happy xo #mg

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