Happy Children, Date Night and Lots of Sunshine #littleloves

Happy Children, Date Night and Lots of Sunshine #littleloves

There is plenty to talk about in my #littleloves this week but firstly I need to talk about the weather! Wow! Hottest day of the year on Tuesday. I was actually working but we managed to spend the evening playing in a friends paddling pool which the girls loved. It was so nice to feel some hot sunshine! Bliss!!
Meme received her end of school year report and it was so lovely reading it, it made me feel so emotional. Now I do realise she is in receptions and there is not a lot that they can say but I did feel really proud of my lovely girl. So now that is reception all done and dusted – I think we are all a little relieved.
Towie is back so obviously I watched that bit of trash.
We also watched a film called Man on Wire – which was a true story and really quite an enjoyable easy watch.
My Mum took my girls to see Ice Age Collision Course but I don’t think anyone was that impressed!
A lot of happy Children finishing school!! We are all so excited however I am a little worried about how I will keep them both entertained for 6 weeks!!! Eek.
I also heard my Husband – I wrote a little post about needing to make time for each other. It’s so important isn’t it. We had a date night on Saturday to celebrate our birthdays and it was just what we needed.
No coats required this week! I have also been struggling to fit into my jeans the last couple of weeks – so its been maxi skirts and dresses of late which is hard as I don’t have that many!!
This picture was obviously taken before the heatwave hit us!
 I actually purchased a new cardi from Oasis for the autumn months and it was only £8 in the sale. I was going to add the link but it is now sold out.
The girls have been in sun dresses, sun hats and a whole lots of sun cream!
Nothing at all. I have been busy making a few plans for the summer holidays – we have booked a little week away in the UK which we are all looking forward to.
And Lastly
I met my good friends new baby girl on Monday. She was 5 weeks and just perfect. It made me feel so excited to meet my little baba in December!
No real weekend plans – a kids party on Saturday and then visiting family on Sunday. I hope you all have a good one.

8 thoughts on “Happy Children, Date Night and Lots of Sunshine #littleloves

  1. I’ve enjoyed the sunshine too, although it has been too hot really, especially for my newborn. It must be lovely to read your girls school reports. A date night sounds good too. Enjoy your first week of the holidays.

  2. Those smiles in the top photo are just so gorgeous. You were lucky you had happy chatter on the final school run, there were a lot of tears among year 6. It made me wonder how I’ll cope when my two leave. Enjoy the rest of the warm weather,

  3. My mum and dad had a little barbecue on the Tuesday as well, O and his cousin spent most of their time in the paddling pool, they loved it!
    What a fab Christmas present you have coming, it’s so exciting xxx

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