A slower pace – My Ordinary Moments

A slower pace – My Ordinary Moments

What a week it’s been, this sunshine has been amazing!! Of course, I’m British and I might have to add it’s been a bit too hot but I will take it over rain any day of the week!! At times I have felt like I have been abroad on holiday and that is always a good feeling.
I met my good friends new baby girl on Monday, it feels like she was born yesterday but she is actually 5 weeks. She is gorgeous and I spent plenty of time getting some baby cuddles. You always forget how tiny new babies are and the funny facial expressions they make. I feel so happy that I get to experience it all over again in December.
I was working on Tuesday but we spent the evening at Meme’s friends house playing in the paddling pool. It was nice seeing Meme play and giggle with one of her closest friends, which was a lovely way to end the school year.
I may have mentioned on my blog and social media that Meme finished school this week! Yay! Reception is all done and dusted and oh I am so relieved. Harri has one day left in nursery and then she is also done for the summer. I say this time and time again but time is just going so fast – I am hoping that the next 6 weeks go at a bit of a slower pace – I am looking forward to Meme not asking me every morning if she is late (seriously I don’t think she has ever been late!), I will not miss the search for Meme’s school shoes every morning and I will certainly not miss me frantically searching for my keys seconds before having to leave the house!! However, I will miss some of my friends at the school gates. It is funny how before September I had not met the majority of them and now I see them every day. There were a few faces I recognised but nobody I would say that I actually knew. It can be a little daunting that school playground for us Mums. One of the Mums is a really good friend who not only do I see every day, we text most days too – I feel really lucky to have met her and I feel so lucky that Meme will be sharing her school journey with such a lovely class of children.
We spent Thursday and Friday playing with friends at the park and the beach, a fun relaxing time and dare I say no tantrums. It was nice all being back together and not having to rush and I love seeing my girls play together.
It’s funny the last week or so, I have started to panic a little over how I am going to entertain them both for 6 weeks.  This was until my husband pointed out that last year I actually had to entertain them every single day for the majority of the year. I am sure there will be moments that they get a little bored or we will have some over tired tears and frustration but I think we will be ok – it is all part of growing up!
So a little bit of a rambling post but definitely a good week. Here’s to a slightly slower pace.
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11 thoughts on “A slower pace – My Ordinary Moments

  1. Glad that you had a good first week, I am looking forward to a slow week this week too. The weather has been so amazing but funnily enough I just checked my phone and it is supposed to rain this week. 🙁

  2. Sounds like a nice start to the holidays. You are lucky to have met some lovely mum friends, this is what I worry about when Alice starts in September. I think I am more nervous than she is!! Fingers crossed the nice weather stays xx

  3. It’s so cute how Meme worries about being punctual. I wish my z was a bit like that. He has to be be told about 25 times to put his shoes on. I had a tiny panic too but now that it’s here, I’m thinking it’ll just be nice to slow down a bit and not worry about alarms and things. Hope it’s a lovely summer for your two too. September (and December!) will be here so soon won’t it? Xx

    1. I definitely struggle with Meme getting ready but then she stresses about being late! Yes it will be nice I am sure we will have some tough days but I guess that is inevitable. Thanks lovely I am looking forward to reading about your summer adventures x

  4. I’m so glad you had a lovely week hun. It is exciting t be out doing loads of things, but sometimes we all need some slow time at home xx

  5. Happy summer holidays! And hurrah for a slower pace! We’ve been loving the paddling pool too – so lovely to be able to finally get some use out of it! Here’s to the nice weather continuing (although I’ve been biting my tongue too to say it’s too hot!) #marvmondays

  6. Oh the slower pace and sunshine is just amazing isn’t it? Eva finished school on Friday but I have been at work so I’m looking forward to tomorrow. She also strangely has an obsession about being late even though we never have been! Xx

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