Homeschooling Week 6

Homeschooling Week 6

Homeschooling week 6. Another week of teaching, entertaining and making the most of our time together. The weather forecast was not as good as it has been, with a little bit of rain due which worried me. However it wasn’t too bad. We still managed to get outdoors quite a it which definitely helps break up the day.

We baked! Lots. My children love baking, me not so much. Cooking with a 3 year is not easy, but admittedly it is fun. We made biscuits and chocolate cake.

This week Meme has been getting on with some school work. I have been doing lots of maths with Harri. Practising times tables. I have printed lots of fun maths mosaics for Harri who loves colouring in so this is the perfect learning aid for her. Alfie has also been colouring in too. Before school closures he very rarely would sit down for long. I have noticed that he is getting better and I can hold his concentration for longer periods. Play-Doh has been our friend also, which has kept them entertained for ages!!!


I also wanted to make some cards to send to my parents from the kids. My family are used to a full house with me and my sisters and all the kids visiting. They are missing us terribly, as we are missing them. So I wanted to send something in the post to them. The kids loved making cards for them and then walking to the post box to post them.


I have said this before I am finding Friday really tough, we all are. Everyone is emotional and tired. I am not sure how I can make Friday better, if that it is even possible? I am so pleased that we have a short week with the bank holiday this week which will hopefully help us.

Plans for Homeschooling Week 7

I need to read more with Harri. It is such a struggle. We did manage to read this week and she completed a book review which is good. However she needs to be reading more. Maths is her strongest subject so I have had set her the challenge of learning all her times tables by the time September comes around.

Unlike Harri, Meme has been sent a lot of school work to be getting on with. We are mixing it up with online worksheets  and finding activities on subjects that she really enjoys. The Vikings being one of them. She has also been set the challenge to learn the piano. She knows the notes but needs to practise a lot more than she does.

We have been sent a map by the lovely people at Maps International which we plan to colour in together and look at the countries together. The map is beautiful and I will be running a giveaway on my Instagram page this week so check it out.

What are your plans for homeschooling this week?

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