Teaching Your Kids to Respect the School Rules

Teaching Your Kids to Respect the School Rules

How to teach your kids to respect the school rules.

School rules are in place for a reason and it’s important that our children follow them. Parents can help their children learn how to behave respectfully and follow the rules from a very young age; it just takes patience and practise. If rules are present in the home, your child will be better equipped to deal with them when they start school. Read on for some tips from a Nursery in Somerset.

One of the key things your child will need to be able to do when they go to school is pay attention. When you’re playing with your child at home, you can get them to practice stopping what they’re doing so that they can listen to your instructions. Teach them that when everyone goes quiet in a room, they should be quiet too. Eventually they will be able to pick up these social and behavioural cues quickly and easily. However when they’re very young it’s important that you remind them appropriate ways to behave and to listen carefully when they’re being spoken to.

Explain to your child the reason why school rules exist. Many psychologists have found that people are far more likely to do something if they are given a reason. This also applies to children and following rules. If your child appreciates the purpose of the rules, they might actually want to comply, rather than pushing back and being rebellious. It’s also important to carefully remind your child of the consequences of rule breaking and praise them when they do things right.

Essentially, your child will need to learn to cooperate with others, follow directions when they’re asked and say sorry when necessary. These are all behaviours that can be practised, but also copied. In other words, you will need to lead by example when it comes to following rules and behaving respectfully. 

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