Book Review Garance Dore ‘ Love, Style, Life’

Book Review Garance Dore ‘ Love, Style, Life’

A much needed book review Garance Dore. The book Love, Style, Life by Garance Dore is one of my favourite inspirational books. Now the past few months have been tough. There have been health issues, redundancy and a new job bringing change to our routines. I struggle during the winter months.I find it hard to explain but I just feel a little sad. I think maybe it has something to do with the lack of sunlight and it is something that I am going to look into a little more because I hate feeling this way, every year is the same.

Book Review Garance Dore

Blog Life

I have also felt really demotivated with my blog. When I  started this little space a few years ago it was meant to be an online diary were I would write about my babies and our adventures. Documenting our milestones and our achievements. I loved my blog it was place where I could just be me. It is not about stats or followers, however the problem is once you start to make a little money from it, it is hard not to get obsessed with how many page views you get or likes on a picture. It is hard not to get disappointed when you get a rejection email regarding a campaign you applied for (that’s when you actually get a response!).

I have always thought myself a positive person but the last year or so negativity has just crept in.

Last month I won 2 Instagram campaigns on the same day. I also received a decline on a campaign. Instead of celebrating the wins all I could think about was the one I didn’t win. Which I know is crazy! As a blogger I compare myself with other people, its hard not to, as every day you are surrounded by other blogger’s adverts and celebrating achievements.

People make careers out of blogging and Instagram. People work 60 hour weeks writing content, taking pictures, editing, promoting there is no end to it. At the moment the only time I can dedicate to my blog is a few hours a week whilst my children are sleeping. The fact that I have managed to make any money at all is quite an achievement. The fact that I could pay for my family to Disney Land Paris  with the money I had earned from my blog and social media is quite frankly amazing! Yet I have struggled to see this, all I can see is the lack of comments or low numbers. The other ‘better’ bloggers who are winning big campaigns and are thriving. How do I compete with this? I feel demotivated and uninspired, I simply don’t know what to write any more.

Inspirational Books – Love,Style, Life by Garance Dore

I actually think the universe was listening to me because yesterday as the children were eating their dinner I absentmindedly picked up and started flicking though my Love, Style, Life book by Garance Dore (if you haven’t read it I highly recommend you do) and I started reading about how her journey began. Garance Dore started blogging before everyone did, before people made careers or money out of it. She wrote about the 10 steps:

1: Start where you are

2: Get lost and find yourself

3: Follow the signs

4: Risk Failure

5: Use what you’ve got

6: Fall in Love

7: Seize the moment

8: Question your beliefs

9: Make your own rules

10: You have to create your own definition of success.

This is exactly what I needed to read.

I needed to fall back in love with writing. Writing about our weekends, about my new jumper and the beautiful little cafe we discovered at the weekend. I needed to write what I wanted to write, what I wanted to remember. I need to write for me, not for money or page views or followers. That has never been what it is about. It doesn’t matter if 1 person or 1000  people read it – it doesn’t matter if I make £1 or £1000.

That’s not to say I shouldn’t try or push myself, I need to strive to be better at times. It is healthy to have goals I just need to be realistic. I guess I just need to have some kind of balance and as Garance Dore says ‘Create my own definition of success’. I need to remember why I started and sometimes just getting back to basics.

Do you read inspirational books?

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23 thoughts on “Book Review Garance Dore ‘ Love, Style, Life’

  1. Oh wow! I think all of us should take all of these steps as soon as possible. What a great way to reconnect with yourself and your life.

  2. I’m sorry you’ve had a rough time. I can tell you that blogging can be a full-time career. I do work crazy hours but I’m able to support my family with my blog. Just follow your dreams.

  3. I really needed to hear this! I’ve been feeling the same way. I started my blog and Instagram when I needed self care… it’s where I shared stories and my favorite photos. I loved writing and photography and never had the intention of becoming an “influencer”. When that happened, I suddenly lost my passion. I felt unmotivated to write and I hated looking at social media. This year I told myself to remember why I started and that these numbers don’t matter. I copied that list as a reminder. I’m really thankful for this post!!

  4. I love the last two points – 9: Make your own rules & 10: You have to create your own definition of success. We don’t need other to tell us what to do, we are our own master.

  5. What a very inspiring post. Setting goals is such a great way to keep motivated and yes I agree, we need to strive to be better.

  6. Oh I love the last step. That you have to create your own definition of success Most people think that the more you make money, the more successful you are. When in some case, it is not that..

  7. I love how the universe finds a way to connect with us when we feel lost, and guides us to where we need to be in life.

  8. I agree with you. I truly believe in seasonal depression. I feel down during the same time every year, as well. After living in Washington state for a year, I had it constantly then too (it rains almost daily and is usually overcast most days).

  9. I get that way in the winter as well, it is lack of sunlight. Green leafy veggies, nuts and mushrooms all help a lot!

  10. There is definitely a fine line when it comes to being a writer that lies somewhere in between wanting to earn a living or any money at all from it and simply doing it because you love it. Hopefully, if we just keep writing, the two roads will meet–we just have to keep writing. Here’s to you overcoming your writing slump!

  11. All these steps are great and so important. We have to break out of our comfort zone and take control of the moment…every moment to the best of our ability to live a full and successful life.

  12. All the steps are important. having a hard time is only natural. I am sure you can make it all come true!

  13. We’ve been feeling a little demotivated with blogging recently too. It doesn’t help with the bad weather, dark mornings and everything political happening too. Enough to get anyone down x Chin up xx

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