Coldplay, H&M and New Babies #littleloves

Coldplay, H&M and New Babies #littleloves

Oh what a horrible week its been – it feels like it is winter. It is amazing how the weather has such an influence on your mood – we have all been a bit miserable. Come on Summer show us some love.

Here are my #littleloves for this week.
Twitter – I wasn’t feeling it at first much preferring Instagram, but lately I am losing my love a little for Instagram and really getting into Twitter. I don’t really know any bloggers so its been nice interacting with some. You can follow me here.
I have also been reading blog posts about BML16 I felt like i was the only blogger not there! I am definitely going to try and make the effort to go next year (although I do realise next year will be here in a flash!)
I watched Coldplay at Glastonbury on Sunday night and they were amazing! They have some amazing songs and put a great show on. I would love to go to Glastonbury – my sister has been and said its really Child friendly I would love to take the girls one year.
Lots of giggles  – we went to Amelia’s summer fayre at the weekend and the girls had a fab time!
Summer Fayre
I am struggling with clothes at the moment – I am only 15 weeks pregnant but I am already struggling to fasten my jeans already. I have no clue what I am going to wear especially with this horrible weather.
I just need a little time to sort out my wardrobe and see what is going to fit me over the next few months – sounds so easy but time is a luxury I don’t really have at the moment.
I did buy myself a new t-shirt from  H&M which is so comfortable so I may stock up on a few of them.
Plans to go visit my lovely friend and her new baby. Me and Harri are going on a little road trip today to Bury to meet Baby Bella for the first time and I am so excited!
Oh and of course we made a little announcement of our own.
And finally…
Not much planned for the weekend – off to my sisters tomorrow and then we got a kids party (in a farm!)on Sunday so fingers crossed this weather improves.I am feeling so tired at the moment so I am hoping to get some down time and plenty of rest.
Have a lovely weekend.

17 thoughts on “Coldplay, H&M and New Babies #littleloves

  1. Congratulations! I don’t know many bloggers either (and didn’t go to BML). I’m so fed up of the weather, I’m not convinced we are getting summer this year! looks like you got some dry weather for the summer fair. I hope you get get ok weather for the farm party.

  2. BML16 was good but don’t feel like you miss out there is a lot of the same socializing with bloggers on twitter and instagram. Funny you say that I am loving twitter again too. Just need to get more people to engage with me and chat back. I am one of those that asks a question no one answers hahahahah Loving the girls matching outfits. Its so hard to finding coordinating outfits with boy/girl siblings. I am desperate for a swimsuit that matches shorts nightmare to find. Every shop should make them. hahahah haven’t they heard of the twinning craze! lol Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. #littleloves

    1. Oh Jenny that made me laugh because I always get ignored ha! I love dressing the girls the same it’s just too cute. Good luck with the boy/girl coordinating outfits – I look forward to seeing your twinning pictures! x

  3. I love the pictures in this post, your girls’ clothes are gorgeous, like Jenny I’m trying to coordinate boy and girl clothes but its quite tough. Congratulations on your baby news. I’m on Twitter and am tentatively beginning to engage (I’m shy) I suppose I use Instagram for inspiration and creative projects and twitter for more general purposes. I’ll look you up.

  4. Oh my goodness completely missed your news-huge congratulations!!!! I felt like i was the only blogger not there too and would certainly love to go in the future. I’ve never really got into twitter i must admit, maybe i should give it another go. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. I have only this month found my feet on Twitter – and to be honest I do mostly get ignored ha! It is really good for getting your blog posts out there though! Thanks for your comment hope you are feeling well lovely xx

  5. Huge congratulations again, such exciting news! Getting dressed is a nightmare at the minute isn’t it? All my maternity stuff is now too big (Which I’m glad about) but I haven’t lost the belly yet to make the majority of my normal clothes fit.
    I didn’t got to BML16 either although I’m still not sure I actually want to go. Looks a bit big and scary for me, I know I’m a wimp! Have a fab weekend. xxx

    1. Thank you Jo I am delighted! Oh I know I would love to go but not sure if I have the courage – I would be scared I’d be standing on my own all day! Thanks for your comment x

  6. How did I miss that! Congratulations, that’s wonderful news – now I’m jealous, I’m getting seriously broody at the mo! That tshirt is fab, wouldn’t mind one of those myself actually! Feel free to give me a shout on twitter and tell me to stop being an unsociable old cow, I always have it on in the background somewhere, I just barely look at it these days. Hope you’re having a great weekend and congrats again x

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