What I’ve been loving in June

What I’ve been loving in June

It’s July! I cant believe it – we are 7 months into the year already! June was a good month – a great month actually. Here are some of the highlights!

1 – A family trip to Bluestone

After booking it in Summertime 2015, our holiday to Bluestone finally arrived. It was our first time there and we loved it. We were lucky enough to get glorious weather and a little change of scenery definitely did us all the world of good.

My girls in Bluestone
My girls in Bluestone

2 – Harri turned 3

My baby turned 3 – I honestly can’t believe how fast these 3 years have gone. I remember giving birth to her like it was yesterday. We celebrated her birthday in Bluestone and have actually planned to have a little garden party when the weather improves. Four weeks later we are still waiting for the sunshine to appear!

3- Kylie Jenner Lipgloss

I finally got my hands on a Kylie Jenner lipkit and it did not disappoint – I love it! It is a lip liner pencil and a matching matte lip gloss (which I struggled to get my head around at first!) – it is amazing. I am definitely hoping to get another one in a pinkish colour (I say hoping because trying to purchase was no easy feat!).

Kylie Jenner Lipskit

4 – I got dressed up!

Yes I did, it was nice. I think one thing I miss about being a Mum is not the actual going out but the getting dressed up to go out. Hair done, new dress, looking in the mirror and feeling nice. Well this month we had a child-free wedding. I don’t really like going to family events without my girls, it just doesn’t seem right. However, it was nice to get dressed up and feel like me again and me and hubbie had a lovely time.



5- Cake and Ice cream

This month we had a lot of cake and ice cream! We had chocolate cake ahoy for Harri’s birthday and we were also lucky enough to do a little review of Bakerdays letterbox cake.


6- 12 week scan.

We had our 12 week scan! It was such a relief to see that our little baby is growing nicely – so fingers crossed everything goes well. Our due date is December, cutting it rather fine for Christmas day! I feel so excited!


7 – There was sunshine…. but also a bit too much rain.

June started off with such high hopes – the weather was beautiful. We spent our half term playing in the sunshine (although I do realise the rest of the country wasn’t as lucky!) It was so nice after what seemed to be a really long cold Winter to feel the sun on my face and not have to wear big coats all the time. I am hoping that it comes back soon.

8 – Harri’s Operation was a success.

Now, obviously Harri’s operation wasn’t a hightlight of June and it did leave a little cloud at the beginning of the month, however, I am so pleased it is all over and done with. It was a success and her scar is healing well. I am happy that we can relax and enjoy the rest of the summer without any worry.

9 – A Mummy and Meme day.

I don’t get much alone time with Meme now she is in school and I do really miss her. So, in half term I took a day off work whilst Harri was in nursery and we had some us time. She wanted to go to a local potting shed to paint – we did this and then had a little play on the beach. I love this picture of her, just so beautiful.

Hoylake beach

10 – Strawberry picking

We love strawberry picking and it’s something we do every year. This year was no exception. As soon as I see then PYO Strawberries sign at our local farm we are there! This year they seemed bigger and more juicy than I remembered.

So onto a new month! Yay! It’s mine and Hubbies birthday month, which of course means someone is obligated to baby sit so we can go celebrate. It’s the end of the school term and not only do I have my girls reunited for 6 whole weeks, I also have a nice long break from the school run!! Also, don’t forget July is time when the summer heatwave is about to hit the UK – well we can dream can’t we!

What were your June highlights?


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15 thoughts on “What I’ve been loving in June

  1. Congratulations!! Aww, the 12 weeks scan is amazing isn’t it?!
    I really want to visit Bluestone, it sounds amazing, I’ve heard SO much about it! Lovely post. I hope July is a great month for you, too! #ShareWithMe

  2. Very jealous of the Bluestone trip and the lip gloss! We love Bluestone and dying to try the lip gloss. Have a great July and thank for linking to #sharewithme xx

  3. What a busy month you’ve had! The twelve week scan is always so lovely, and nerve-wrecking, I’m so glad all ok. The twins birthday is 27th Dec but we were originally booked in for the 24th!! It’s a bit crazy at Christmas now but fun. That is a lovely picture of Meme and what a great idea to take the day off to spend time with her, she must have loved it! So nice that Harri got to celebrate her birthday at Bluestone too, I hope you manage that garden party xx

    1. Thank you Hayley – I am so relived my scan went well. We are the 19th Dec and I do feel a little nervous I may miss Christmas day but I am excited! Fingers crossed for the garden party! x

  4. What a lovely, upbeat post! I wrote a post on June and moaned about the rain! Yours is far more positive. Lovely photos too. Alison x #BloggerClubUK

  5. Aw that sounds like a very lovely June – yay to the 12 week scan, how exciting!! I also went strawberry picking this month and it was gorgeous. Hopefully there will be less rain this month and summer will finally begin 😉 #bloggerclubuk

  6. We went to Bluestone last month, we love it there it was our 3rd time! What a lovely month and you look lovely all ready for a wedding, so nice to have some time together without the little ones x #bloggerclubuk

  7. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely month. I’m popping over from #BloggerClubUK and haven’t seen your blog before, but I’ll stick around! xx

  8. Sounds like a fantastic month to me, especially that the operation went well. That is a beautiful photo of you, I can see where Harri gets her gorgeousness from 😉
    Thanks for linking up to ##TenThings I am atrociously late for commenting, and the linky will be live again in the next couple of hours… I may be in holiday mode and late with my post too…

    Stevie x

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