A tiny little heartbeat – My Ordinary Moments

A tiny little heartbeat – My Ordinary Moments

It has been the first full week of July and the school year is almost done, although our weeks don’t seem to be slowing down. It is all go from the minute Monday comes. Due to the school strike we had a spontaneous extra day with Meme, which was just lovely and gave me a little taster of the summer holidays. This week I also had the opportunity to meet Meme’s new teacher which I am really happy about – I say this constantly but I just cant believe how fast this year has gone and we are talking summer holidays and new teachers already!

This week I had my 16 week midwife appointment. I would never describe myself as a worrier but I did feel a little anxious about this one. When I was pregnant with my girls I suffered from terrible morning sickness, their presence was noticed every single day, with Meme especially.  I remember crying some days, completely fed up with being constantly sick, my days were a repeat of needing food, needing sleep and being ill. People would say ‘ Pregnancy sickness is a good sign – it shows the baby is healthy’ .

This pregnancy is so different though it isn’t completely smooth sailing, I feel quite nauseous at times and I am so tired all the time – it does seem a lot easier than my previous experiences though. It is so typical, I prayed for an easier pregnancy and now I have one I’m panicking – what does this mean?

So I have just been a little anxious and looking forward to hearing my babies heartbeat. My midwife did warn me that it is still early days and that the heartbeat may not be heard but I knew I wanted to try. I think my baby sensed my worry and we heard the loudest strongest little heartbeat which just filled my heart.

It’s funny, I am the most sensitive person ever, I can cry at the drop of a hat. However, I have never really got sentimental with pregnancy milestones. I never shed a tear at my girls scans, my midwife appointments were just routine and, unlike many, I rarely shared my scan pictures.

This pregnancy I do feel more emotional, my eyes fill up every time I think about this tiny person growing inside of me. Maybe it is because it’s my last, I don’t know but I do know that even though we have a long way to go, I am very excited!

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21 thoughts on “A tiny little heartbeat – My Ordinary Moments

  1. That’s so lovely! I’m so glad to hear you’re having a bit of an easier pregnancy this time around. I definitely think that next time around I’ll be a lot more emotional about the scans and everything else – the first time everything seemed quite surreal and I don’t think I actually believed that it was happening until fairly late on! I also never shared my scan pictures – and even my facebook friends only found out I was pregnant on my last day of work before mat leave! #KCACOLS

  2. Aww that’s wonderful news – and such a weight off your mind to hear it so nice and strong – hopefully now you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy being easy going!

  3. There is nothing more special than hearing that sound, I loved hearing it for the first time with all three of my babies. Weirdly I hired a doppler this time round, I didnt with the girls but for some reason I felt anxious this time. I know they don’t recommend them but I found it really put my mind at rest in that interim period between 16 weeks and him starting kicking. x

  4. That is such a special moment and the best sound in the world. I was definitely more anxious with my second pregnancy, I think its because you know so much more. x #theordinarymoments

  5. It’s so interesting to me how every pregnancy can be soooo different. With my son, I had very little morning sickness, and really worried in the beginning because I didn’t ‘feel’ pregnant. The heartbeat, oh how wonderful hearing that little heartbeat is! I hope everything continues to go well with this little jellybean! <3 #KCACOLS

  6. Aw how lovely, I have three children and although it is sometimes tough, I now can’t imagine it any other way 🙂 #KCACOLS

  7. Oh yay! It’s always wonderful to be able to hear their heart beat. What an exciting time. I feel like I’ll be the same way if my next pregnancy turns out to be much easier than my first. It’s hard not to be a little nervous about things when you are pregnant. Good Luck! #KCACOLS

  8. This is lovely! It is nice to hear that you are having a good pregnancy this time around. It is all so exciting! Good luck with all! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS, 🙂 xx

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