Homeschooling Week 4

Homeschooling Week 4

Homeschooling week 4. It was still the Easter holidays for us however due to a very long week 3 without much planning. We all decided that we would have a schedule for this week. It works so much better for all of us.

This week I have asked the girls to write a letter to someone special. The letter needed to have full sentences, punctuation, verbs, nouns, adjectives. I wanted neat cursive writing. The girls really enjoyed this. Meme wrote a letter to her best friend Sophia, whilst Harri wrote one to the Easter Bunny. Harri has a tendency to rush writing, but I was so impressed with this exercise. I also made the girls create postcards, which they spent ages doing. Meme loves writing but Harri doesn’t one bit. These little tasks work so well with her. She doesn’t see it as work as such but she is still practicing her writing and grammar, which is something that she is learning in school.

homeschooling week 4

The sun has been shining so we have had lots of outside play. The paddling pool has been out and we have been enjoying getting the tea set out and playing cafes with Alfie.

Both girls have been enjoying Carol Vorderman’s online maths programmer Maths Factor. As well as completing some work from school.

Me and Harri created a fairy garden outside. Harri is so creative, her little imagination is amazing. She is also very academic but doesn’t enjoy school work. I am trying to have a good balance of both. Plenty of crafts, baking and art but ensuring we also do the core subjects too.

Homeschooling week 4

Meme is thriving. She is very work conscious and wants to complete her work and do it well. This makes life easier for me.

I have been trying to do some learning with Alfie also. He can easily identify his name. He is so good as his alphabet. We got him some letters for the bath when he was a baby and it really helped him learning his letters and numbers.

We have also been going on our daily walks with Daddy. This helps break up the day so much.

It has been a good week, there have been moment where we feel bored and restless, we are all missing our friends. However the kids are doing so well and we all definitely making the most of this time together.


How is it going for you?

homeschooling week 4


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