Getting Our Home Christmas Ready…
Christmas Tree

Getting Our Home Christmas Ready…

As I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of Christmas.  I love every second of it.  Getting our Christmas tree, putting up the decorations. Finding gifts that my girls will love, I just love it all.

We decided to put out tree up last weekend, a little early for some but I like it to be up for December 1st.  We went to go and choose our tree on Sunday from a  local garden centre.  I feel like we belong in an American film when we attach our Christmas tree to the roof of our car.

We usually go a little OTT when choosing a tree so this time we went a little smaller and it fits perfect in our Kitchen/diner. The girls were so excited, we allowed them to choose a tree decoration each so they were very excited to put them on the tree, we put some Christmas music on and have lots of fun making our house look festive.

I often see pictures of families with perfectly placed decorations all matching with bows that look like they are straight from a picture in a magazine, mine however does not look like that. It is a mish mash of everything and can look a little crazy but I love it, it definitely sums my family up!

Throughout the Autumn we give our girls the task of collecting fir combs which we then decorate with glitter and pop them in a vase on the window ledge ready for December, they love doing this.

We have a few more finishing touches to be added, like some lights on the trees in the garden and a ‘Stop Here Santa’ sign but then we are all Christmas ready…well that is apart from presents, there is still plenty of shopping to be done!

For me there is nothing better than coming home on a cold day to the smell of my Christmas tree and the welcoming of the twinkly lights. X

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  1. Aaah I know JUST what you mean about being in an American movie!!! The whole ‘getting the tree’ experience feels like that for me — I absolutely love it!!! So happy to read that someone else is enjoying this little tradition as much as me and my family! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us #HomeEtc

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