Feeling Tired, Cocktails and Christmas Coundown #LittleLoves
Decorating the tree

Feeling Tired, Cocktails and Christmas Coundown #LittleLoves

It has been a long week for my little family, we are all feeling tired and run down. Meme finishes school on the 18th December which is good as they will have a full week to chill out before the madness of Christmas.

Here are my #little loves this week


I don’t think I have read anything this week apart from some bedtime stories for the girls. I have even let Meme miss some of her school reading books as she has just been so tired.


Again, not much at all. Actually, we have watched quite a few Disney films after school.


I went for cocktails with my sisters last Saturday in Liverpool, we had a lovely night and drank far too many Porn Star Martinis – they are delicious! I wore leather leggings, a vest and a sparkly jacket. I meant to take a picture but I never seem to get the chance as I am always rushing out the house.


I have also worn an umbrella – why does it always rain during the school run?

Wet School Run
Wet School Run


Lots of Christmas music, we are definitely feeling festive in our house. The Pogues has got to be my favourite though!


Every year my Girls collect fir combs and then make them all a little festive with glitter glue. They love doing this and it’s nice to get them involved in the Christmas decorations.


And Lastly

It is December! My girls were very excited to open their advent calendars on Tuesday, they have 3 each! They are counting down the days until Christmas, whilst I am counting down the days until the school holidays – no school run for 2 whole weeks! Yippee!

Have a lovely weekend x



3 thoughts on “Feeling Tired, Cocktails and Christmas Coundown #LittleLoves

  1. Ooh I just discovered porn star martinis recently – so good 🙂 Your outfit sounds suitably glam too! Love the girls little bit of festive crafting – I really must think of something to get my boys making… Have a lovely weekend Xx #littleloves

  2. Oh love that I am not the only one “wearing” an umbrella constantly too. It does always seem to rain on the school run doesn’t it? Oh jealous I love a porn star martini so delicious. Might have to have one this weekend. Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. #littleloves

  3. A porn star martini-yum yum!!! love a bit of festive crafts though once love made so much at work I’m not really in the mood to do it at home too-oops! You’ve gotta love Disney-weve seen Mickeys first christmas and a few others that i’d never seen! Can’t wait to cosy up under a duvet for a whole afternoon x

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