I have mentioned before that I have two sisters all very close in age. We are very lucky and had brilliant parents who brought us up to understand and appreciate family. A value which we all hope to pass on to our own children.

Me and my sisters are still close but don’t see each other as much as we would like.  Obviously with 4 young children between us it is quite chaotic when we are together leaving little time to catch up!

Life is busy especially at this time of year but we decided we needed to make a bit of an effort and arrange some ‘sister’ time.  It was tough finding a date that we could all make, what with Christmas work nights out, birthday parties, nights out with friends (honestly I don’t go out all year, but come December I don’t have a minute!).

The only date we could all do was November 28th, so before something else came up we put our dancing shoes on and hit the road.

We had a lovely time and drank far too many cocktails, our Mum and Auntie came too, it was so nice to be able to chat, drink and relax without worrying about disturbing a baby or having to entertain the girls.

It’s funny, we all grew up together, seeing each other every day without even realising how lucky we were to have each other. Ordinary moments taken for granted.

And so, whilst we may only do it once a year it is nice to rewind the years and chat together with no worries like the old days! I feel incredibly lucky.


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