Our Reindeer Trail

We had a lovely festive Sunday, in fact we pretty much had a festive weekend, but Sunday was quite special.

We visited a place not far from us called Ness Gardens, it is so pretty and perfect for kids to run around and explore. Our Girls love it and call it the ‘big gardens’. Ness Gardens always has lots of family activities during holidays and Christmas is no exception.

Father Christmas was there this weekend so he was our first port of call, and he did not disappoint. He was lovely, and if you are anything like us you will no doubt visit about 5 different Santas over the course of December but hands down every year this one is always my favourite. He spends just the right amount of time chatting to the girls and us parents, he could see Harri was a bit unsure so he gave her the important job of holding his reindeer bell. They got a little gift and also a photograph of him, which sounds mad but Meme was delighted and carried it around with her for the rest of the day. She has actually took it into school for her show and tell.

We then made our way around the gardens to complete the reindeer trail, we were given a map and the girls had to go and find all the wooden reindeers which were spotted around, they all had different coloured noses and the girls had to work out their names from their tags (with a little help from Mummy and Daddy). My girls love a good hunt and this was brilliant. We all really enjoyed it. Furthermore, they also have a cinema playing old Disney Christmas films and also do some Christmas crafts, which we hope to go back and do at some point.

Below are some of our pictures from Sunday:





Can you figure out the reindeer name?
Can you figure out the reindeer name?



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  1. Aw this sounds lovely and I think my girls would love to do the reindeer trail, as well as watch the Christmas films. What a lovely day out. x

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