2019 – Six months in.

2019 – Six months in.

The picture above has to be one of my favourites – I remember the memory well. Taken six months ago. It was New Year’s Day and we spent it on the beach listening to bagpipes play Auld Langs Syne. We were eating Cornish pastries and drinking tea when we asked a passer by to take a picture. We have few pictures of the 5 of us. This one is far from polished or perfect, our hair all windswept and our noses red with cold, it means something special that we captured the first day of a whole new year. A day were you reflect on the past and make changes for the future. It fills me with hope and possibilities. I promise to myself that this year will be great. I will be happier, richer, healthier and more successful. I will blog more and save more, eat better and be thankful for everything I have.

Unfortunately we say these words and whilst we really mean them but before we know it we are back almost instantly to the daily grind of rushing and generally winging it all. Life I suppose gets in the way of all these idealistic notions.

These past six months have been somewhat challenging. A few days into January I was informed that changes were being made. My part time job was at risk. The following months were a blur of emotions and change. Now here I am half way through the year still very much unsure of where I will be at the end of the year. I am no stranger to being made redundant (it is the industry that I work in) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the pain any less. The plans to blog more, join the gym and save have all been put to one side as we juggle child care and the financial uncertainty. At times I have been snappy and grumpy with everyone worrying about what will happen and how will I cope. I struggle with change which seems to be getting worse every year that I get older.

However I do feel like I have entered June with a little bit of clarity. Maybe it is because we have just returned from a little trip away and I have once again filled my head of all unrealistic notions. Or maybe it is because I have realised that what will be, will be. I can’t really change what will happen in the next six months, it is out of my hands. However what I can change is how I deal with it. I can change how I let it all affect me. I can appreciate what I have right now which is lovely family, a job a home, my parents, all those things that I can take for granted, that I sometimes accept as a given, yet not everyone is as lucky.

 I never used to worry as much as I do now. However I know worry comes hand and hand with being a Mum and having responsibility.  However I need to learn to sometimes let the worry and my anxieties pass through me and not take over me. To of course allow myself to be upset over events but not let them dictate my daily mood, and to maybe allow myself to believe that as one door closes another one opens.

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  1. ah that wonderful unhelpful emotion of worry. It gets worse with age and you never stop worrying about your kids, however old they get! Love your photo, one of those lovely happy family times that you probably didn’t even realise was so special until you look back.

  2. In your photos and in your words all the love for your family shines through, all the emotion …

  3. I’m glad you’ve been able to keep going. Change when it’s unexpected is hard to deal with, and I’m sure with kids you’ve been worried for them too. I wish you the best of luck!

  4. it is ok to worry to be unsure about the future, it always is for better in the end of a day. I believe in you!

  5. i always worry about what is to come , but i also try to look back and see how much we achieved already xxx big hugs to you lovely x kind regards Pati Robins

  6. Take one day at a time, that is one of my favourite quote and I am sure you should follow it as well. Don’t worry too much about the future which you don’t have much control over.

  7. I can only say, it is all part of the game having faces similar situations. Just keep working towards your goals and things will gradually fall in place.

  8. It’s crazy how quickly this year is slipping by. Fear of the unknown is something we all grapple with…but walk with the knowledge that you are not alone. Have faith and take it one day at a time…that’s all anyone can do.

  9. We have so much in our plates, with kids, family, work that it is easy to fall into this stage of mind. Take it ONE day at a TIME.

  10. My husband went through this last year and only found out he was keeping his job just before Xmas. Hope things work out for the best x

  11. Someone once told me that worrying was like a rocking chair, it keeps you busy but gets you no where. I always have to remind myself of this too.

  12. I can’t believe that it has been 6 months into this year already! I try n make sure that I take a little time for myself when things aren’t going the way that I want them to. Good luck!

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