New Year, New You: Problems To Tackle

New Year, New You: Problems To Tackle

Did you make any New Years Resolutions? If you did, how are you getting on? If you didn’t, is that because you’re completely happy with yourself and your life, or did you just lack the motivation to make any resolutions?

There are very few people who don’t feel their lives could be improved in some way, and many people would like to make a lot of changes. New Year Resolutions tend to get a bad press because they’re tough to stick to, but that’s often because the resolutions are far too
ambitious, or they lack focus.

The principle behind making resolutions is a positive one; change your life for the better. You don’t need to make your promises on the first of January though, any day will do!

What problems would you like to tackle?

If you want to improve your life, you need to be clear about what is wrong at the moment. What problems do you have that if they were resolved would make you happier and less stressed? Some of the most frequently occurring issues that people make resolutions about concern health and wellbeing, such as:
 Losing weight
 Taking more exercise
 Eating a healthier diet
 Cutting out smoking
Taking some me time
 Learning to relax
 Reducing alcohol consumption
Learning how to meditate
 Give up harmful addictions

You could be wishing you were doing better at one, some, or all of these issues, but if you have multiple problems to address, it’s difficult to know where to start. Attempting to take them all on at once is highly likely to result in failure, as it’s too great a burden to carry. For that reason, taking each one and deciding where it fits into a more realistic plan is far likelier to result in success.

Deciding which problems to deal with first

When deciding which problems to deal with first, start with those that are causing most harm and that are likely to be making it more difficult to handle the other issues. In health and wellbeing, addictions, dependencies and substance abuse are the main problems you face, so dealing with them first is essential.

You should look for help from support organisations, your GP and any local dependency clinics and facilities, and your family and friends. If you’re able to book a place, a drug addiction treatment centre such as provides intensive and wide- ranging care to help you recover.

Unless you deal with any addictions first, everything else you try to will be that much harder to accomplish. As well as having a hold on your life psychologically, the effects of the drugs and other substances will make it hard to improve your health. Take smoking, for example. Unless you free yourself from your nicotine addiction, your lungs will be permanently struggling to clear themselves, your blood vessels will be clogged up, and your heart is straining, especially if you’re exercising. It’s not a recipe for success, so work on the key aspects of your goals to improve your chances of finding the most effective way forward.

Do you have any problems to tackle?

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