So how did I do….

So how did I do….

Another year has almost gone and it really did go so fast! I set myself some new year resolutions last January…so how did I do?

To be brave and believe in myself

Well I am not sure I would label myself brave – but I have made a real effort with my blog this year and, whilst I have stumbled at times, I am proud of what I have achieved. I have not yet had the courage to attend a blogging event as such but maybe this year? We will see. I have been invited to a few events but have always declined however I did attend a family concert at the weekend where I saw a couple of my favourite bloggers and, whilst I felt like a bit of a fraud, I did introduce myself and pretended I was super confident!! I think I fooled them!

To establish myself on social media

Hmmm this was always going to be a tricky one for me. However, whilst I am not quite setting the world alight, I am happy with my Instagram account and have just celebrated a year of Instagram. It took me another 5 months to join Twitter and 8 months to sign up to Facebook but I got there in the end. I definitely need to work on them as my following is really low but, small steps, I will get there.

Once a week to cook something new and healthy for my family

I think I started well on this one but lost my way a little. We have been using our slow cooker the last few months so this has helped with the tasty, healthier dinners.

To get up earlier 

This one makes me giggle, we still tend to get up a little too late. However, I am pregnant so I feel like that is a valid excuse!! My husband has been helping with the morning school runs so it has been much easier. I think with the arrival of baby 3 I will be starting 2017 with plenty of early rises!!

So after a super busy year I don’t think I did too bad! How did you get on with yours?


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  1. I didn’t set myself any resolutions although I’m always keen to have goals that I try to achieve. I’m a great one for making plans to go through a booklet called Unravelled. It helps to be intentional about the year ahead. Sounds like you’ve done well on the whole. It surprises me that you haven’t been to a blogging event yet. I haven’t been for a couple of years but would like to in 2017. Xx

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