My Three

My Three

We are over half way though the year and as I look at all three of my children I feel like they are all on the brink of change. All ready to take the next step and it is both lovely and daunting to watch. They are all changing before my very eyes.


It has been lovely having Meme home for the Summer with us, I’m not sure I will ever get used to not having her with me every day – no doubt I’ll feel the same about Harri.

It is a month before Meme starts Year 2 and a month before she celebrates her 7th birthday. Gosh, it’s really flying by. She has changes so much this year, whilst she is still a little shy and sensitive at times – there are moments when I am shocked by her confidence and enthusiasm. She wants to try everything and she is determined to succeed in everything she does. I love that about her. I wish I was a little more like her in this respect.


I have watched Harri change the last few months. She has gone the opposite of Meme, she has lost her confidence and she is so clingy. I know it is the thought of going to school – she is scared. I wasn’t expecting this from Harri and it does worry me, but I know my girl will be fine. It is the next step and she is more than ready for it.

She is a delight, such a character. She makes me laugh and drives me crazy in equal measure. She is so loving and caring  and I am going to miss her so much when she starts school. The start of a whole new chapter for my girl.


Oh my darling little boy, 7 months and growing so fast. He is the loveliest little boy and I can’t imagine a time without him. He is the most chilled out child, even on our holiday to Spain in the heat it really didn’t phase him. He has spent the last few days poorly but you wouldn’t guess he has been as smiley and chirpy as ever.

My maternity leave is almost over and next month I will be preparing to return back to work with Alfie starting nursery. I am dreading this already. I am however looking forward to having some one on one time with him. I am embracing these baby months whilst they last.


Three very different but very lovely children – I have to admit I am loving being a Mummy of three. It is chaos and stressful at times  and honestly takes forever to get anywhere, but I am oh so very grateful that they are all mine.



8 thoughts on “My Three

  1. So much change on the horizon for you all! Hopefully Harri will settle into school really well. I think it’s such a big thing that it’s natural to be nervous, and probably more worrying if she was completely confident about the whole thing and then it came as a shock. Ben is the same as Alfie – I’m so surprised to have such a chilled out baby! He’s been ill this last week, so not quite himself, but still full of smiles and it’s only because I’ve been ill too that I’ve known really! #LivingArrows

  2. I love how you have captured them in this moment. It’s funny to think that Meme is starting year two and is nearly seven – Athena is starting year two and is only six on Monday! x

  3. what a lovely way to capture their memories! Good luck – I have a little boy starting year 2 too! #fortheloveofBLOG thanks for linking up xx

  4. you really are blessed, they are so beautiful. I know what you mean as I feel so lucky to have 3 too. Getting to know their individual personalities is my favourite part of being a mummy. It is so hard when they start school, so many mixed emotions so I am sending you big hugs. Have beautiful week lovely xx #mg

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