Cleaners in Cheshire – Fantastic Services Review.

Cleaners in Cheshire – Fantastic Services Review.

We live in a world where we want it all. The perfect family, the successful job, the beautiful home and the amazing adventures. We work longer than ever before and come the weekend we want to relax and enjoy our family time. However this is rarely the case, there is the beautiful home that needs cleaning, it’s been neglected all week, the dishes need doing, the windows need shining and let us not even think about the state of the oven. This is why finding good local cleaners are a must.

It is a constant cycle. One we definitely struggle with in our house. My husband works long hours throughout the week, I work and the children are in school and nursery.  We really look forward to our weekends and they tend to be a whirlwind of exciting adventures, days out exploring and packing our car for some time away together. We very rarely stay in and clean our house because we go with sentiments that life is too short or our children won’t be little forever. Which is definitely what I believe and I still live by this. I want to be out and about celebrating some family time. However, we have gotten to the point where our home is a mess and we do need to dedicate some time to care for it. I want it all.

Introducing cleaners in Cheshire- Fantastic Services

So that’s where Fantastic Services comes in. You can find all home services on their website but for us it was definitely cleaning that interested us. We decided to get an oven clean although you can book domestic cleaners, carpet or window clean (we possibly could do with all four at some point.) I actually wasn’t sure what to expect but it took 2 people around 50 minutes and my oven looked like brand new, it was sparkling. It has made me surprisingly happy! Now I have made it my mission to book our local cleaners in more often.

It’s funny because I always thought cleaners were just for wealthier people. Now I think that maybe they’re really for busy people.  Allowing us working parents to have it all.

If you are looking for cleaners in Cheshire check out Fantastic Services and see the difference.

We were given a free oven clean service from Fantastic Services in exchange for a honest review. 

16 thoughts on “Cleaners in Cheshire – Fantastic Services Review.

  1. Being something that I wanted to do but I had no idea to ask me who read this blog post by chance was enlightening.

  2. That is great! I always wanted to have someone clean my house. I just want to enjoy my kids when I have downtime.

  3. It would be so awesome to have someone clean my oven for me!! I need this service asap!! I am always busy with the kids

  4. i love how you started the post. The review is great and I really wish if I could use the service.

  5. Fantastic Service sounds like giving a lot of satisfaction to their customers and I agree, having a clean will definitely giving us a nice mood.

  6. Oh wow this looks really FANTASTIC! fantastic service is something that I would love try especially their cleaning service!

  7. This sounds like a great company. So many home services that you can choose from. I’ll be needing this soon.

  8. Seriously, when did you read my thoughts! I could have written this! except we don’t have that kind of service around here and the ones available can be pretty expensive, the type we can’t afford. Weekends are so very much stressful because everyone ends up doing things they didn’t want to do in the first place and it is supposed to be our resting time!

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