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4 Renovations for Your Period Property

Every now and then, renovations on your period property will be needed. Whether it’s clearing out the chimney, or restoring old features that could do with a bit of love. Maintenance is what keeps period properties in their former splendour. If you’ve just got your hands on a historical property, and aren’t sure where to begin when renovating, here are a few ideas.

Knock through where necessary

If you’ve got your hands on a period home, it can be an intimidating thought to consider knocking down one of its original walls. However, if there is a dividing wall that doesn’t have any exquisite features, it might be a good option to get rid of it for the sake of opening up the property. If your period property is full of small rooms and not much light. It might make no sense at all to keep walls up just for the sake of preserving as much of the property as possible. If one of your rooms likes particularly dank and claustrophobic, it might be work contacting a contractor.

Replace old windows

One of the best features of period homes is their windows. One of the worst aspects about this is that tired wooden frames can date a property, and not in the way you want. Replacing them with beautifully-presented replacements, also made from wooden frames, will allow you to have upgraded features without compromising on their original materials. Visiting to find sash windows that glide open rather than jamming is also an extra bonus of finding modern replacements.

Upgrade old furniture

In the same way that you’d probably be reluctant to destroy an old fireplace or pull out a beautiful ceiling decoration, you might want to salvage old pieces of furniture that once belonged to the home. By first cleaning and stripping old wooden furniture pieces, you will give yourself a blank canvas to work with. By giving old wooden furniture a bright and bold coat of new paint. You will give yourself something that looks remarkably 2019 than it does the 1900s.

Expose Victorian tiles

If you have old patterned tiles, such as Victorian tiles, then count yourself lucky. These are an incredibly elegant feature to make the most of. They look great in hallways, or even repurposed in bathrooms. Cleaning and preparing old Victorian tiles isn’t as difficult as you might thin. It is just a case of treating them with care. If you’re missing a few tiles, then going to a specialised vintage reclamation yard should help you to find some that are similar to what you currently have.

What you end up doing with your period property will very much depend on the era that it dates from. Although, some particularly old properties have gone through multiple eras of change and adaptation, so you may find incredible features for numerous decades throughout history. Approach all your work with care and expertise, and your renovations should fly with success.


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