Family Holiday on a Budget.
Madeira 2018

Family Holiday on a Budget.

Every year we try to have a little holiday abroad. I love to travel and I want my children to see as much of the world as possible. I feel like a couple of weeks with sunshine and no routines do us all the world of good.  However, as a family of 5, holidays abroad are getting more and more expensive, especially as we are constrained to the school holidays. Therefore, we try to plan our family holiday on a budget as much as possible. Sometimes it’s just the small savings but we have found that when abroad every little counts

Here are 5 ways to plan a family holiday on a budget:

Be organised.

We always pay to park at the airport. The closer you get to your holiday the more expensive your parking will be. Try to book as early as possible and keep your eye out for the likes of Groupon vouchers – we got a great saving last year with these offers

Go prepared

Stock up on food for the plane and the airports. I always pop to a discount store before our holiday to stock up on sweets and healthy snacks. I find that my little ones get incredibly bored when travelling and turn to food. Plane snacks are incredibly pricey so this tip will save you a small fortune!

Eating out

When eating out think about portion sizes. Last year when we visited Spain we have found that the children’s portions were huge, one pizza can feed all three of our children comfortably saving us lots of money. This had been the same in most countries we have visited.

Beware of hotel prices

Hotels tend to inflate their prices for almost everything. Want to avoid this? Simple don’t buy from the hotel! It can be so much easier to buy from the hotel bar but generally if you walk 5 minutes down the road to a local shop you can buy the same thing for a fraction of the price. It is definitely worth making the effort and can save you so much money.

Shop Around

Shop around – I guess this applies for most things in life. We always try to explore the country we are visiting as much as possible. On our recent holiday to Madeira, Meme and my husband paid to go on a levada walk, they found that shopping around and negotiating got them the best deal.

Just a few tips that have helped us save a little each year making our trips abroad a little more affordable!

Do you plan your family holiday on a budget?

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