Planning our dream holiday to Orlando

Planning our dream holiday to Orlando

We all have a dream holiday, a destination or experience that you would just love to go on. For us, I dream of a family vacation to Orlando. It is the ultimate holiday destination for us and I can’t wait to get planning for it.

Memories of Orlando

My parents always wanted to take us to Walt Disney World in Orlando when we were younger and they did. They saved for many years, planned, searched for Orlando Hotels and vacation resorts near Walt Disney World and back in the 90’s it was all about trawling through holiday brochures trying to find the best deal rather than clicking on a website that pretty much does it all for you!

We had the best time despite being well into our teenage years. It was magical. The parades were fabulous as were the rides – Honey I shrunk the kids being one of my favourites. The weather was amazing and I still think about that trip now.

Plans for our dream family holiday.

The amazing memories I have from Orlando is one of the reasons I am desperate to take my own children. I know they will love it. It also helps that now I have all the information I need to plan this trip at my fingertips.

I can easily search for the best deals on vacation packages to Orlando. I can book a vacation package which include the hotel and Walt Disney tickets together. I can find tickets at discount and plan my whole itinerary online for our amazing trip which will ensure we get the best deals and don’t miss out on anything.

So me and my husband are currently saving hard and making plans to visit the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ and we cannot wait!

Have you been to Orlando?

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