The Benefits of Sports in Schools

The Benefits of Sports in Schools

Physical education (PE) is a compulsory element of the UK curriculum for most of a child’s education, but why is it so important? There are lots of benefits to the provision of sports in schools, from supporting their health and fitness to helping them perform better in other school subjects. I have teamed up with a prep school in London to explore these benefits in further detail below. 

Improves Mental Health

It’s obvious that engaging in sports is good for a child’s physical health, but it’s actually also beneficial for their mental wellbeing as well. It’s a chance for them to blow off some steam and release their pent-up energy, but it also encourages the release of certain chemicals in the brain that boost mood and reduce stress. As a result, not only are more active children happier, but they are also better able to focus on their schoolwork rather than worrying about things. 

Helps with Social Skills

PE lessons are a chance for children to bond with their peers in a more relaxed environment than the traditional classroom, which gives them a chance to work on their communication skills. What’s more, sports often require teamwork, which is another important social skill that will serve your child well long into adulthood. Teamwork is actually a skill that is often required in certain jobs.

Encourages Resilience

Children who engage in sport must practise and work hard to improve and achieve their goals. As a result, sport encourages resilience and the mindset that giving up is never the answer. 

Boosts Confidence

As children build strong friendships and develop a variety of skills, while also scoring goals or reaching new personal bests, they will become increasingly more confident. Confidence is important for young people as it what allows them to believe in their abilities, overcome certain challenges, and step out of their comfort zone in the future. 

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