Summer Books with Eshores.

Summer Books with Eshores.

Before I had children one of the most exciting bits of preparing for a holiday was buying a handful of new books for the journey. I used to spend hours in W H Smith deliberating on what summer books to buy. Reading the backs and even the first few pages so see if I liked it. I honestly would take about five and read every single one of them from cover to cover. There is something a little special about laying in the sun, listening to the waves crash on the beach and losing yourself in the perfect book.

Holidays with Children

Now life is a little different, I have three children, one of which is 20 months. Holidays are therefore a little different. Not really relaxing any more and offering little time for my love of reading. Yet it is so important that I have some time out even just for ten minutes. No matter how hectic and overwhelming life gets sometimes all it takes it a little break, a moment away, a digital detox and a good book for a little escapism to make me feel better again.

Eshores sent me a book for my recent holiday to Madeira (an actual book – I have missed those!) ‘The Little Cafe in Copenhagen’ by Julie Caplin. It is a real chick lit. Nice and easy to dip in and out of which, for me who has very little time currently, is perfect. The story was lovely. Whilst quite predictable (as most chick lits are), I really enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down! So much so that I have already bought another one in the series.

Our holiday was lovely. Of course the children can be hard work at times, especially Alfie and yes, truthfully, we have returned home more tired than when we left. However, watching the girls giggling and jumping into the pool. Walking with Alfie whilst letting him explore. Spending two weeks with my parents and watching them enjoy the children makes it all worth while. I have fond memories of my childhood holidays and I hope my little ones will be exactly the same.

Thank you Eshores for my brilliant book and travel goodies. You made a book obsessed Mummy very happy.

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8 thoughts on “Summer Books with Eshores.

  1. Ah yes holidaying with kids is just not the same is it! I used to devour books on holiday but now I’m lucky to finish one. I always choose something light hearted now so I can dip in and out and enjoy it even with the distraction of kids around me. We are off on holiday in October so I’ll keep this one in mind – it sounds perfect for what I look for in a book.

  2. I’m all about the digital detox and love switching off with a proper book that you hold in your hands! I can’t be doing with reading a book on a screen. This sounds like a nice easy read. I will add to my list.

  3. I was the same, I use to get through seven or eight in a two week trip. Unfortunately now I couldn’t tell you the last time I picked up a book! I am with you though much prefer real books to electronic devices xx

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