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Celebrating with BakerDays

If there is one thing my girls love it’s cake, in fact, we all do. Whenever Meme is feeling sad or is a little down in the dumps going to school, the best way to cheer her up is to promise to take her for some cake after school. I love this – I hope that cake can always cheer her up. So you can imagine my excitement when BakerDays got in touch asking if I wanted to review one of their personalised letterbox cakes…YES Please!

I had actually heard of the company BakerDays before however I was a little unsure of the letterbox cake idea? How would it work? Would it not get squashed or broken? Would it need to be eaten straight away? I had all kind of questions running through my head.

So I went on their site to choose a design…well, let me tell you, I was on there for a while, there was so much choice. I decided to go for a Princess cake for Harri’s birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago (we like to milk birthdays in our house!) and it is chocolate, which is her favourite.

Having processed my order on the Monday I received my cake on the Wednesday, much to my delight. If you make your order before 2pm you can actually receive it the next day which, to an unorganised Mummy like me, is like music to my ears! It was perfect! There is no better feeling than receiving a beautiful package, the presentation was really lovely. My cake came in a white box which consisted of  a round tin with the words “Just for You” printed on it in which our cake was stored. The box also included some candles, balloons and one of those things that roll out when you blow it (not sure what they’re called?), which I thought was a nice touch.


Although I was eager to tuck in, my husband suggested saving it until the weekend as a little treat for the girls. I was a little worried if it would still be fresh however, BakerDays do state that each cake remains fresh for 14 days so I thought it would be a good test.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon we got out the cake out to show the girls, they were delighted! It’s Belle shouted Harri whilst Meme read the personalised message. It tasted delicious, the icing wasn’t too sweet and the chocolate cake tasted amazing, needless to say it went down a treat!


I love the idea of the letterbox cake and, whilst it is perfect for the usual birthday celebrations, I think it is such a unique idea for a friend who maybe needs a little pick me up, a tired new Mummy or even a little treat for a child starting school (my girls love receiving post addressed to them, receiving cake would be a dream come true!)

Have a little look on and be spoilt for choice….what cake would you choose?


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We were sent this cake by the lovely people at BakerDays but all words are my own….and Meme and Harri’s of course!


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5 thoughts on “Celebrating with BakerDays

  1. What a cute cake – I’ve seen these before and thought the children would love them. Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

  2. Why won’t they head hunt me?!?! This is great – I love the idea of a little tin you can keep and the next day delivery thing is brilliant. I think it would be a lovely surprise pick me up gift for a friend, or a birthday that you’ve forgotten. The design looks really professional too. #stayclassymama

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