Romcoms, Dressing up and Adele #littleloves

Romcoms, Dressing up and Adele #littleloves

It’s been a busy week at Meme and Harri – every week seems quite busy at the moment. We have had an appointment at the hospital to see how Harri is recovering from her operation, we have had Meme’s sports day and, this morning, Harri is visiting a new pre school hopefully to start in September.

Here are my #littleloves for this week


I treated myself to the Grazia this week which has been nice to flick through.


My husband has been busy in the evenings so I have had full control of the tv, I have been watching romcoms galore including my favourite The Devil Wears Prada – I love that film!

We also watched Love, Rosie which was quite good – I remember reading the book ‘Where Rainbows End’ by Cecilia Ahearn and I love it.


I am loving Adele’s new song  ‘Send My Love’ –  I am becoming a bit of an Adele fan at the moment – her new album sounds great.



Me and my hubbie went to a wedding at the weekend so I borrowed one of my sisters dresses – it was only a Primark one but I really like it. I actually felt quite nice and it was lovely to get dressed up for a change!




Oh I haven’t made much at all this week – its been a busy tiring week so it has pretty much been easy dinners all around.

I made a hair appointment last weekend for the wedding and went for something a little different than my usual curly blow (nothing too different though, I am a creature of habit)


And Lastly

We are going strawberry picking tomorrow which I am so excited for – we go every year and the girls love it. We have also got Meme’s Summer Fayre – I usually give things like this a miss (I’m so anti social) however now Meme can read she seen the sign and it is all she can talk about.

Have a lovely weekend – let’s hope the sunshine sticks around.


3 thoughts on “Romcoms, Dressing up and Adele #littleloves

  1. Oh you looked lovely, your hair was gorgeous! We love strawberry picking too, it’s fab! We are Adele fans too and looking forward to seeing her on Glastonbury tomorrow night. Have a great weekend lovely xx

  2. Your hair looks great! And the dress too. Glad you got out and had some fun. Did you watch Adele at Glastonbury last night? She was amazing! Did you manage the strawberry picking? Hope the rain held off. x

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