A week of change

A week of change

It’s such a busy time for us at the moment – our weeks are full of appointments and commitments and this week was no different. There were two main events that I was really looking forward to:

On Thursday it was Meme’s sports day and we were all so excited about it. The weather was glorious and, I know I sound typically British, but it was actually a bit too hot (you can’t please us can you?). I loved watching my girl, she has grown so much this last year and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has a go of everything, nothing phases her and she constantly strives to be the best – I hope she continues to do so.

Friday was a big day for my Harri, we visited a pre school for her to start in September. She currently goes to nursery one day a week but, come September, she will have 15 government funded hours so she will be in childcare for 2 1/2 days a week, a big change for her. At the moment she goes to a really lovely nursery, which I have been making the weekly journey to for almost 5 years, first taking Meme and then Harri. I will miss it as will Harri but Meme made such great progress in pre school, I feel it helped her gain more independence, confidence and prepared her for school and I hope Harri will benefit the same.

Anyway, we spent an hour there, me completing and signing forms whilst Harri had a potter around. It’s funny as when I first took Meme she wouldn’t leave my side, Harri was a different story, I didn’t see her at all! She had a good play and all the Children hugged her as she left. I am so excited for her to start in September as I know she will love it. I say this all the time (and usually with a tear in my eye) but my baby is growing up.

It’s been a big week for our country and, like many, I awoke to the news that we had chosen to leave the European Union, which shocks and saddens me. People are angry and upset and I understand this, it is a scary time of change and unrest for everyone – there have been so many questions regarding our children’s future on social media. However, a fellow blogger wrote on Instagram that she still sees a bright future for her Children, that they will succeed in whatever they put their hearts and minds into and I couldn’t agree more. There will always be obstacles for our babies, this being one and no doubt more will emerge in the future, just as there were when we were growing up. All we can do is love, support and encourage them to reach for the stars, to work hard and believe in themselves. There is no doubt in my mind that my girls will achieve great things.



15 thoughts on “A week of change

  1. Oh wow definitely a week of big milestones! I’m so glad it looks like Harri will settle easily into pre-school – it’s such a relief when they run off without a backwards glance isn’t it!!

  2. Such a great attitude to the referendum, really nothing we can do about it now, and I’m not one for tantrums because I didn’t get my own way. Pre-school is a scary time – but much more for us than the little ones, don’t you think?? I’m sure she’s going to love it. I adore their matching coats!

  3. What a lovely take on the results of the referendum. I am worried about what it will mean for our children’s futures but you’re so right that as long as we show them all the love and support in the world they can still achieve anything.

  4. Big week indeed. Felt a bit apprehensive too about the Brexit result but trying to remain positive too – hoping that it doesn’t affect us too much. Good luck for preschool, mine have loved it and we haven’t looked back xx

  5. I felt sad too on Friday! I am enjoying the banter on social media over it all, it cracks me up, but it doesn’t eliminate the uncertainty either! Anyway that aside, my oh my what a big week for your family, how lovely she is starting pre school in September, what an adventure. Ethan has sports day next week and I can’t wait to be there, it seems so exciting… your girls are growing up fast, what a lovely journey to be on x

  6. What a lovely post. It sounds like both your girls have had a good week.
    You’re right, I’m sure all of our children will deal with the obstacles ahead of them, with our support where they need it.

  7. A lovely post and I couldn’t agree more about the EU exit – our children can achieve despite this. So glad that Harri settled in on her nursery visit. I think that’s often the case with the second/third one. Bless her. She’ll love it I’m sure. Sports Day…you either love it or hate it lol! Thanks for linking up to #loudnproud

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