3 Family Goals You Might Consider Important For 2019

3 Family Goals You Might Consider Important For 2019

2019 is on its way. With the speed at which this year seemed to fly by, it can seem like blinking once will automatically place us in the next year. Time feels like it’s speeding up all the time, and almost everyone can marvel and lament the year that quickly falls like sand through our fingers. However, it doesn’t matter how fast years seem to fly by as long as we spend them in the most nourishing environment in the world – with our family.

People enjoy setting goals for the new year. It’s a nice cutoff point where they can regiment their action, feel motivated to make the most of the time ahead, and generally keep the best optimism possible. We’d suggest that goal setting can also be used in a brilliant way within your familial life.

With these three potential family goals you might consider important for 2019, you’ll both see what we mean, and possibly implement some of these ideas yourself:

Solving Difficulties

It might be that you’re used to problems becoming much larger than they originally were due to your temper, or perhaps an issue occurred in 2018 between your family members you would rather put behind you. It’s normal for families to argue once in a while, but it’s not normal for a toxic or chaotic result to come from that. It might be that you decide to put an end to an ongoing dispute once and for all using family law solicitors, or that you adjust your social approach to better work for you in future. It’s not easy to be part of a family, but you do have a choice as to how you compose yourself. It might be that 2019 is the year of professional and civil discourse within your family, at least from your end.

Presence & Time

You may simply wish to spend more time with your family this year. We couldn’t blame you. Sometimes our working lives, our children gaining more autonomy and a range of other considerations can mean we see less of our children than we’d like to. In that case, it might be worth starting a family movie night, or ensuring you all take your evening meals together, or simply booking one more vacation than normal (even if cheap one such as camping,) can all help you craft more memories together, and after all, that’s what family is for.


Why not document your time with your family this year? You might decide to embark on a fun family project, perhaps writing in a journal to make your family story into a small novel, or perhaps you would like to run a YouTube channel with them. It might be you update your family portraits, have a photographers session done, or even commission a beautiful painting of each member of the family as you hope to remember them. Sometimes documenting your family year for posterity can be a wonderful idea, and help your family line stay strong in its identity.

With these family goals you might want to implement in 2019, you’re sure to have a healthier, more interesting year.


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