Depression can be a debilitating mental health condition, and for some, it can be life-threatening. It knows no boundaries and can strike at any time. Statistics suggest that one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. Being aware of the characteristics and how you can try to prevent it affecting your life, or the life of a friend or loved one can make all the difference. Read on to find out more about how you can manage this mental health problem, or help a friend or loved one through. Characteristics of Depression There are various symptoms of depression, and they include: Anxiety Loss of interest Lasting unhappiness Lack of motivation and enjoyment Hopelessness Lack of appetite Aches and pains Bad sleep Tiredness If you think you recognise some of these symptoms in yourself, there are a range of treatments available. What’s important for recovery is to find the right one for your needs. Here are three of the most popular. Lifestyle Changes Changing certain aspects of your life can be a powerful tool in treating depression. For many, it’s all that required. Others find that making lifestyle changes can help fight depression and when combined with other treatments, prevent it from coming back. Regular exercise is one way of treating depression and in many cases can be as effective as medication. It works because it boosts endorphins, serotonin, and other feel-good chemicals, triggers the growth of new brain cells and connections. 30 to 60 minutes of activity daily is recommended and should yield the best results. Eating a healthy balanced diet is important for both your mental and physical health. Aim for small, well-balanced meals throughout the day as this helps keep your energy levels up and reduce mood swings. Make sure you get enough sleep each and every night. Between seven and nine hours should be more than enough for most people. Being able to effectively manage stress is also going to reduce the chance of depression. Psychotherapy There are different types of therapy available, but the three most common are cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and interpersonal therapy. It could be that a combination of different therapies works best for you. It’s possible to receive therapy in a number of different ways, for example, residential therapy at a centre such as Therapy helps in a number of ways. It teaches you how to combat negative thinking, change your behaviour in order to combat depression, helps you work through the cause of your depression and what you can do to stay healthy. Medication One of the most advertised treatments for depression is medication. However, that doesn’t mean it works. It can relieve some of the symptoms but does nothing to cure the underlying cause. They often come with side effects and withdrawal can be a problem. If you think you might be depressed, it’s important you get professionally diagnosed before you look at any kind of treatment. Medication is not the only way for it to be treated. As well as the options above, there are also alternative and complementary treatments. A mental health professional who specialises in depression ca

Christmas Shopping, New Hats and The House on The Haunted Hill.

Oh my word what a week it has been, if I am being honest since we returned home from Disneyland Paris a couple of weeks ago it has been one thing after another. Yes, we have hit that time of the year when there is a lot of germs hitting our house and at some point everyone (apart from Meme) has been poorly. I do worry a little that this will be pretty much us until Spring time – eek!!

Here are some highlights from this week:

The House on The Haunted Hill

I have heard people talking about this for a while but after seeing a trailer I wasn’t sure that it was for me! However we gave it a go and I am obsessed with it. I am not really one for spooky programmes but this is amazing, and scary, very very scary!!!

Have you seen it?

New Hat

I love winter hats and instead of my usual bobble hat I though I would try something new. I decided on this Bakerboy one and I just love it!  It is perfect for those bad hair days which I seem to be having a lot of lately!

New Hat

Family days out

We headed to New Brighton at the weekend for a little scoot and some fresh air. We didn’t stay for too long because everyone is recovering from a cold but it was nice to venture out after a few days stuck in the house, oh and we discovered that our little boys loves to scoot! Poor Harri was left running behind whilst Alfie got very attached to her scooter!

Christmas Shopping

I feel like time is going so fast!! I have made a much needed start on some Christmas gifts for the kids. I also bought some new Christmas decorations and of course a new candle which I have had on a lot. I am so excited and can’t wait to see their little faces.

The John Lewis Ad.

Oh I had to give this one a mention. I always love the John Lewis Christmas advert and this year is no exception. I could watch it on repeat for hours. It also includes our wedding song making it extra special. Have you seen it? What do you think?


How has your week been? Me and Meme are off to see The Grinch tonight which should be good – can you tell that I am in full on Christmas mode? Have a good one whatever you are up to.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping, New Hats and The House on The Haunted Hill.

  1. Ooh was the Grinch good? I adore the John Lewis add its my favourite one ever I cried the first time I watched it, I love Elton and Your Song is my favourite. I love the hat I dug my hat just like that the other day, I have had it for years but wanted something smarter than my wooly hat x

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