What I have been loving in September

What I have been loving in September

Here we are at the end of another month and, as predicted, September has been kind of tough. September has always been one of my favourite months but, since Meme started school a couple of years ago, it tends to be a little hard and, with Harri starting reception, this year has been no exception. It has been tiring, emotional and pretty draining. However, there have been some really special moments that make me smile. Here are a few of our best bits:

  • Meme turned seven. Yes I have a 7 year old daughter!!! I can’t quite believe it. Her actual birthday fell on a Thursday so, although she had to go to school, then tennis followed by dancing, she had a really nice day.
  • We went on a little family adventure to Lego Land which we really enjoyed, especially the girls. We stayed a couple of nights in a Hilton not far away (five of us all in a room together was very interesting!) and had some quality time together. We are now busy planning our next trip away!!
  • My Harri started school which meant I have had a little time to spend with my little man. It has been so lovely. I miss my girls of course but it has been nice to have Alf to myself without rushing to entertain Harri or deal with her constant demands. It has been nice to have time to tidy around, make some nice dinners and generally enjoy the quiet.
  • We have had the opportunity to work with some lovely brands this month including Nuby (whose products are essential!), Frugi and Dribblebubbs. I am still in the process of writing up reviews but I have been delighted with some of the products that we have received.
  • We took a little trip to Flip Out Chester for my nieces 5th birthday which was great. I did a little review a couple of months ago and my girls talk about it constantly. We have another visit planned in the October Half term.
  • I have been writing my little blog for 2 years! I wrote a little post last year about what blogging lessons I have learned. Truthfully, I am a little lost with my blog at the moment and pretty much have been for the last 6 months. However, I am still mighty proud of myself for what I achieved.

So that’s September and, even though we have had lots of fun, I am sort of pleased that it’s over. I am hopeful that October will see Harri settle in school a little, my return to work will go smoothly and we will have a few autumn adventures.

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10 thoughts on “What I have been loving in September

  1. Sounds like a lovely month. We love Legoland, but just haven’t had the time to go this year.

  2. Sounds like a mostly good month, September was always my worst time of year as well with one of the boys being a school hater who really struggled with the return after a 6 week break eek, it gets easier though. I LOVE Legoland! Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved beaut.

    Stevie x

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