Unqiue toys that give the wow factor.

Unqiue toys that give the wow factor.

All we talk about in our home right now is toys. It is that time of year when our weekends are full of kids parties and we are buying presents all of the time. I always find it easy buying gifts for my own children, I know their likes and dislikes. I know as soon as I see a toy if my child will like it. Of course buying something for another child in my kid’s class is a different matter. Especially if I have never met this child before. Since my 4 year old started school in September we have already been to 4 parties of ‘friends’ I have never heard of!

That is why Wicked Uncle is such a great site.There is so much choice of different and unique toys. The website is really easy to navigate and you are not bombarded with really expensive toys. There are lots of choice at different prices. If you are unsure of what the child you are buying for would like, you can search by a child age or gender and a whole selection of age appropriate toys will be appear at a different range of prices. If you are absolutely clueless of what to buy you can simply click on the ‘popular toys’ section which will show you what everyone is buying right now.

I always try to purchase a little something different for gifts. Something that a child would never write on a toy list because it is completely unique and they never even knew they wanted it!! Toys that have the real WOW factor without costing the earth.  A fun funky gift that a child wont forget.

To make your life a little easier I have had a little look on Wicked Uncle and found some products that any child would absolutely love.

Sound Machine

This little machine costs £8.95. It has 15 different fun noises that you can press on demand. A round of applause for when you have finished your tea, canned laughter for when Daddy tells a bad joke and of course a fart noise!! So much fun.

A Stinky Pig Game

We have this and my kids giggle with delight at it. It is a pass the parcel type game. If the pig farts when you have hold of it you have to take a token. The player with the least tokens win. We actually lost the tokens a long time but the kids still love playing with this pig. It costs £10.95 and it is worth every penny.

Loud Mouth Voice Changer

Amplify and distort your voice with the choice of 3 different built in voices. Perfect for those children like to be heard (possibly every child I know!). Easy to use and a great little Christmas stocking filler. The Loud Mouth Voice Changer costs £14.95.

Smart Ball

The best kind of ball which will count your keep uppys for you. It lights up and make lots of sounds as you kick it. There will be no cheating with this ball. A little bit of a different ball for your footie mad child costing £21.


The Quizzie costs £16.95 and I think this might be my favourite pick. A cheeky robot  that lets you record 5 yes/no question. Get the answers wrong you get squirted by water. This would be perfect for my know it all 11 year old.

Junior Mega Bounce 

The worlds bounciest inflatable ball. Priced at £10.95 and it is a massive 1.41 M circumference with super grip graphics. Can you imagine your child opening this on Christmas morning. You can even get an extra large one!

I know that people are not seeing friends and family as much so if you are sending a gift for a birthday or of course Christmas then Wicked Uncle also gives you the opportunity to have your toy gift wrapped. They have a wide range of fun cool wrapping paper to choose from and of course you can add a gift card and personal message. Making everything a little bit easier and giving you one less thing to worry about. This is a great way to make sure loved ones will still get an amazing toy wrapped and sent to their door should you not be able to visit this year.


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12 thoughts on “Unqiue toys that give the wow factor.

  1. I’ve to suggest this post to some of my friends who will love it, They have kids so this is good for them. Going to send. – Amalia

  2. A stinky pig game sounds like a fun gift idea. I have lots of neighborhood kids on my list this year that would enjoy that.

  3. I love getting my children games and toys which are different, unique and fun at the same time. The Loud Mouth Voice Changer has got me curious and I hope to order this for them this year

  4. These are awesome. I love the variety of unique toys that could be given to a child for Christmas or for a birthday.

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