What Do You Really Need in a Nursery?

What Do You Really Need in a Nursery?

When you first find out that you will be a parent, the temptation to buy everything you see can be overwhelming. 

After all, you want your baby to have everything and for the nursery to be perfect. A baby nursery that looks like the ones in the movies or the baby magazines. It’s clean and packed with furniture. 

That is great, but it’s not budget-friendly – and you might be surprised just how difficult that look is to keep. 

Many people don’t even initially have room for a fully kitted out nursery.So what are the items that you really need, and what can you skip? An often money-saving tip is to go for a small nursery room set from Three items of furniture and you won’t need much more! 


No matter what your school of thought on parenting, your child will need somewhere to sleep. There are a few options, and if you are restricted by space, there are options for that! 

A Moses basket is often purchased but not used that often. They are beautiful to look at, but unless you get one as a gift, you can skip it in favour of a crib. 

You can get a full-size crib, or you can opt for a half-size crib. A half-size crib is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space or if you want to have a crib in the living room for your baby’s many naps. Depending on the brand you buy, the baby can stay in a mini crib until about 2. 

A popular modern option is side cots – a side cot will fit snugly to the side of an adult bed and allow you to reach your baby with ease during the night. This can be an excellent option for night feeds. 

It is essential that before you buy any crib, you have done plenty of research on safe sleeping

Night lights

Unsurprisingly turning a light on at 3 am isn’t the best for anyone; it can be pretty jarring. So instead, invest in a night light so that even in the wee hours of the morning, you can see what you are doing – without disturbing the sleepy mood too much. 


It’s 2 am, and the baby is awake; it’s time for a feed, and it doesn’t matter if you have chosen breastfeeding or bottle feeding – you need somewhere comfortable to sit while your baby drinks. 

Try to choose a soft and padded chair so that you are comfortable – and never be tempted to fall asleep! 

Changing table

A chaining mat is excellent to have in the living rooms and on the go. But a solid changing table will make sure the baby is at a comfortable height for you – avoiding backaches! Changing tables usually have some drawers. This means you can safely store everything you need to change a nappy and some clothing. 

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